Tuesday, April 22, 2008

photograph, all i've got is a photograph ...

hello hello,

just a short little blurt just to prove i'm alive and well.

working on two posts for my favourite zombie.

saw american music club and the raconteurs (not together).

tried to quit my job twice. they refused to accept it. twice.

watching the tory scandals with glee.

decided to buy a digital slr camera... any tips?

i'll post this for all those people coming here for mr. stroumboulopoulos. canon does an celebrity photo exhibition every earth day. this year, not only is mr. stroumboulopoulos involved, but so is ronnie freakin' hawkins!

happy earth day.


Toccata said...

Obviously, your workplace must like what you are doing.

Did George not understand the theme? Robert Bateman had some cool shots and very fitting with the Earth Day theme. I liked the one with the bikes. I think Deb would like that shot.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You've been busy! I'm no help on the camera front, I reek at photograohy, but I hope to see some fine photos. Looking forward to the inprogress posts too.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

toccata -

yes, it would appear so. i think we've worked it out so i can work less.

i only had a brief glance at the photos but i hear what you are saying. i would have liked to have seen some words along with the pics. i felt that way with a lot of the photos, not just his.

barbara -

i have been busy! sometimes one has to see it written down to remember. :)

mellowlee said...

Can't wait to see some photos from the new cam too!

Ah the Raconteurs :O) I was sleepy for days, but it was damn worth it, thanks again and again!!!!

Tracy said...

You posted. Glad to see :)

So... I saw Luke Doucet last Saturday and this Saturday it's likely to be Buck 65 or to go see Baby Mama - looks too stupid NOT to go see. Constantines are playing Tuesday night an hour from home. Hmmmmm. The trio of pain. Deaf, Broke and tired.

I thought the photos were good, but not totally on theme. Love the mix of people. Very cool. Look forward to seeing your shots w/your new camera!

Dale said...

Steady as she goes, that's you! Glad you're busy and not dead.

Whitenoise said...

I've had a Canon Rebel for about 3 years and I'm pretty happy with it. I think pro-photogs go another link up the food chain, but it's certainly enough camera for a hack like me.