Sunday, May 11, 2008

hell yeah, i remember aurora . . .

here is the second of two posts i've been promising our favourite zombie. the sexy musician post is on it's way. it's turned out to be a much harder task than expected. however, i am enjoying doing the research. :)

now, as some of you may or may not know, the zombies are heading down to seattle and beyond to go see some band called radiohead. i have offered up my skills as tourist guide/travel agent. (ps.. invoice is in the mail. ha ha)

one of my key pieces of advice was this. no matter how cheap or how tempting, do not stay in any hotel/motel on aurora avenue. here is why.

a few years back, a friend and i drove down to california and back. let's call her... goth girl. i do this mainly to amuse myself, as this would annoy her to no end. however, you get the basic idea of how she is. on the way back, in some hippie town in oregon, we picked up a friend from england (let's call her english rose) and continued on our way back home, stopping in seattle for the night.

goth girl and i are dead broke. so we decide to stay in a cheap motel on aurora avenue. home to many cheap motels. we check in, the room is clean and everything is fine. but we have no beer and no food. so english rose and i head out for both, while goth girl stays in. about an hour later, we are back in the hotel room with pizza and beer. goth girl is sitting up on the bed, flicking thru a magazine. a few seconds pass until i realize that the room is filled with the couple next door having sex. loudly. goth girl, while still casually flicking thru the magazine, says.... "by the way, that's the second time they've done it. "

we eat and drink and eventually next door stops. we head to bed, goth girl and i sharing the double bed, english rose on the floor. oh wait, they've recovered next door. another round of shagging. we turn up the tv loud. the head of our bed starts hitting the wall due to the action next door. we flip to sleep at the foot of the bed. we finally drift off to sleep.

we wake up a short time later. the room is quiet. we turn off the tv. within 30 seconds, the sounds of sex start up once again. we turn the tv back on. we drift off again, me finally noticing that this is either a gay couple next door or the girl is really not having a good time. or perhaps she's mute.

i wake up sometime later and head to the bathroom. oh good, they are now having sex in there. at least it's quiet in our bedroom now.

the morning finally arrives. we pack up and head out. and then i remember, all i know about aurora avenue. hookers. rooms to rent by the hour. it all made sense. so i repeat, do not stay on aurora avenue in seattle.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

haha! Thanks for the heads up and duly noted - Aurora Avenue is off limits, even if it's Thom Yorke offering his services in the next room. I consider myself to have benefited from your experience and shall wait for the invoice to arrive.

mellowlee said...

Heeheehee! Well, you won't ever forget that Seattle trip I'm sure :O)

Disney Diaries said...

Fish Market, check. Space Needle, check. Aurora Avenue, check!

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