Friday, December 08, 2006

i'll keep it in a hidden place...

i'm getting gas at the station on the way home from work, and there is a huge lineup at the car wash. at 10pm at nite! weird.

anyways, here is my friday random top ten. and it's very random this week.

1. power - aduck (oddly the last song i heard the night before)
2. iou - metric
3. wonderful life - nick cave & the bad seeds
4. white chocolate space egg - liz phair
5. hidden place - björk
6. lions in my own garden (exit someone) -prefab sprout
7. rock-n-roll records (ain't sellin' this year) - supersuckers
8. a matter of minutes - shawn colvin
9. black shuck - the darkness
10. goin' against your mind - built to spill


Barbara Bruederlin said...

What's Friday night without a little Bjork?

Toccata said...

Lions in my own garden and Black Shuck; have never heard of them but the titles make me want to hear them. I'll have to play around later and see if I can't find them somewhere on the net.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

i am surprised at how often bjork seems to be turning up. i didn't think i had that much by her.

you may know the darkness by their hit.. 'i believe in a thing called love'. they kinda irritate me at first, but grew on me.

prefab sprout .. i think their big hit was 'when love breaks down'.

mellowlee said...

That is quite the random list! I saw someone the other day who had boots like your rain boots, but instead of stripes, they were plaid!!!!!