Friday, December 01, 2006

loving would be easy if your colors were like my dream ...

ok, i have to remember to turn in early for the strombo show. i like to hear him and the pastor talking. this week mr. stroumboulopoulos plugged the upcoming show with whether or not you should date your friend’s sister. the pastor said no. but then mr. stroumboulopoulos countered with, but what if she’s really hot. laughter all around. the pastor seems really cool. i remember liking him when he was on 'the hour'.

this week’s excuse for any inaccuracies. i had a lot on my mind. we will get back to that later.

and now the strombo show. the triumvirate returns.

bob talks about the jerk of an indie record store guy at rotate this. total jack black from high fidelity. these people do exist. (and i can vouch for that!) bob called them up, doing research for the hour and wanted to know about canadian new releases. the guy said ‘yah, umm, we don’t really do that. why don’t you call somebody else? bob talked about them not wanting to sell records and mr. stroumboulopoulos said they want to sell records, just not to you. bob does not go to these kind of stores. he says go to hmv. mr. stroumboulopoulos says they don’t have what he needs. alex never had that experience and why do i care what they think.

mr. stroumboulopoulos has a facebook account.

bob is growing weird facial hair.

mr. stroumboulopoulos was driving up to the radio station today. he likes to drive fast. it was a gorgeous day in toronto and he had the window down, and was dancing and singing to system of a down. he looked over at the car next to him and a girl was filming him on her cell phone. part of him wanted to run them off the road. he was thinking what did i say, what did i do? once you are famous, if you do something wrong, someone will see it. alex suggests that perhaps the girl was filming him because he was an idiot, not because he was famous. mr. stroumboulopoulos says that he doesn’t view himself as famous. and that the girl said his name. alex says that if you don’t want to be filmed being a jackass in public, don’t be a jackass.

donnie was out a couple of weeks ago at the opening of the new james bond movie. it was packed and there were no seats available. the couple in front of them were making out like crazy. mr. stroumboulopoulos asked if that was all they were doing. donnie says yes, it was gross and they didn’t stop when the movie started. alex wants to know how graphic it was. donnie says it was pretty bad. mr. stroumboulopoulos wants to know if you could see four hands. donnie says three. mr. stroumboulopoulos says it is ok to make out in movie theatres, but not sold out ones. sit in the back. he was an usher for seven years. mr. stroumboulopoulos says it is not ok in family movies, but james bond is ok. bob is totally fine with it. it’s not in the best taste when the lights are on. but it’s love, you gotta let it go. in paris, people make out in the subway. i’m with george, it’s more tasteful when the theatre is (and i have no idea what the next word is). mr. stroumboulopoulos has seen it in theatres as a usher. when he was 15, got to see man on man action in one. ok, so that’s what that looks likes. bob issues out some make out challenge, it has to be love, not vulgar. (thought – wasn’t donnie who told the story about the cab driver not liking his pda’s?)

mr. stroumboulopoulos was definitely driving over the speed limit during his dancing episode. bob wants no loud music, no cell phones when driving.

hannah sung is on. plugging her work with care canada.

the discussion turns to karma. bob wants to define it. payback in this world. bob wants to know in this life? mr. stroumboulopoulos says i don’t care what happens when you die. bob tells a story about a not so cool girl in school that had a crush on him. 15 years later in a bar, a super model looks at bob and says.. bobby is that you? same girl from from grade seven. she’s super model gorgeous. she makes aphrodite looks like a mute. she says that bob was always so sweet to her. and she thought what a good guy. she’s going to med school and is bartending to pay bills. bob ends up asking her out and she turns him down.

the n.s – sloan (which is weird, because it was in my random top ten this week).

so lonely – the police. currently mr. stroumboulopoulos’ favourite police track (as previously mentioned, i remember because i love this song as well.)

there are a lot of callers about karma. alex feels things are more random. and then someone named cindy from toronto calls in and is so mean to bob. because she says maybe bob looks like a loser and that is why the girl didn’t go out with him. alex says oh my god, that was so mean. (i could not agree any more).

someone sends in a message about karma and about some bar where mr. stroumboulopoulos worked. some girl he hit on got hit by a car. it then goes into a conversation about whether or not women like being hit on or being hit on by mr. stroumboulopoulos. or something like that. and shouldn’t mr. stroumboulopoulos have been hit by the car, if it was karma related. (but i only now understood that point that the original person meant was that because she turned him down, she got hit by the car. at least i am assuming that is what they meant)

a cab driver calls in. his mom loves mr. stroumboulopoulos.

bob grew his facial hair because he had a limited amount of shaving cream. he was mortified. the last thing he wanted was a goatee. but since then, a woman stopped him in the hall at work with ‘you’re looking good’. he can not stressed how often that does not happen. it’s probably the first time. and he got some really nice sweater comments on a sweater he has worn plenty times before. the next day, a group of girls were like.. hey come party with us. alex thinks bob is making all of this up.

and now, it’s time for this week in bob with our host, alex! (clap clap)

sunday – they are at the radio station. bob is very angry because he hasn’t eaten. he is even angrier because the pizza man is 40 minutes late. bob gets angry at the pizza people on the phone. alex has to leave the room. bob devours the pizza and then he gets someone to go get him a sandwich because he wants to eat again. alex has to watch him wolf down a hoagie.

monday – bob is wearing what is pratically a jogging suit. alex thinks he has given up. this is a uniform of one who has given up.

tuesday/wednesday/thursday – bob is in a bad mood these days. stay away from him. do not pay attention to him. alex does not want to get involved in his life.

friday – on the way out from work. alex is working on the computer and bob starts rubbing his shoulders. it’s awkward, but not in a gay way. bob then leaves. he doesn’t say anything. what does it mean?

peels of laughter around the room. teaser for next week. bob grows facial hair. it looks like his has been eating chocolate and has gotten it around his mouth.

mr. stroumboulopoulos doesn’t think bob was mean to the pizza guy. he thinks he showed restraint as they blew the order. but everything else was right.

some song plays and bob says mr. stroumboulopoulos is jogging, running up and down like a gothic olivia newton john. alex says it’s the most exercise he ever got. mr. stroumboulopoulos says he is going to barf. bob asks about the music. after he doesn't reallly get the information, alex says bob gets dissed again for asking about new music.

someone on myspace accuses alex of stalking bob. bob to alex – you stalk me and you don’t even like me. alex – i sit right across from you!

advice time. at some point hilary doyle comes on. i think that is the last i will mention of her

someone needs help getting motivated for writing their masters thesis. it’s about uranium and bacteria. mr stroumboulopoulos suggests thinking about how it is something that is worthwhile to do.. ie good for the community. bob compares it to a reality tv show. ie.. big brother but with uranium. alex says turn off the radio, concentrate on your homework. nobody gets anything done listening to bob. bob doesn’t get anything done listening to bob. bob also suggests to start smoking and grilled cheese sandwiches in the middle of the night.

podcasts are discussed. bob says people should contact the station if they want podcasts.

a 23 year old female virgin calls in asking if she’s weird. mr. stroumboulopoulos says not weird at all.

ok, after this i have no notes until things they like segment. this is because i asked for advice and didn’t take any notes after that. i will blog about that separately.

bob likes unironic moustaches. he can’t stand ironic moustanches.

bob’s careless whisper moment is he likes deal or no deal. mr. stroumboulopoulos has never seen it. alex thinks it is the stupidest show ever. do not waste your time. it reminds bob of italian variety shows.

alex is not feeling this segment. yesterday he went to some restaurant in niagra on the lake and it was yummy. mr. stroumboulopoulos comments that alex always goes to niagara on the lake. alex says it’s the first time this year!

mr. stroumboulopoulos likes the new penelope cruz movie.

special bonus feature this week. mr. stroumboulopoulos at the geminis.

no recap next week. or at least not for the first hour or so. it all depends on when i get home from work. :(


Toccata said...

Hey, I'll take notes for you. I don't have your wit but I'll try.

That recap had me laughing throughout. I had forgotten about Bob and his jogging suit! God that was funny.

I also loved your comment: at some point hilary doyle comes on. i think that is the last i will mention of her (I'm with you there!)

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

yay! (ok for some reason that was the hardest word for me to type correctly, i feel like it took five minutes).

when i got to my notes on this week in bob, i started laughing so hard. i had forgotten how freakin' funny it was this week.

she pissed me off royally during the advice segment. and it's especially funny as i actually had decent stuff to say about her when i do my next 'the hour' post.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

i need to get home before this week in bob. i think it's usually during the last hour or so, which means i should make it.

Toccata said...

Hopefully they can figure out the whole podcast thing soon. That radio show is my weekly guilty pleasure.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

i will still listen live, but it will be nice to be able to catch the show when i'm not home on a sunday nite.

Toccata said...

Thank you! It worked. I didn't do it as slick as yours with just words but that will come. You have created a monster. When I learn something I tend to get a little obsessed and will do it nonstop! Cheers

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

i didn't know how to do that for ages. i like being able to add the links in for the strombo show.

Evelyne said...

Thanks 668, I loved this week in Bob, Alex is hilarious, I really like him, if this week in Bob is done during the firs hour, i can try to take notes, so you'll get notes from a lot of people and you'll exactly know what happened!

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

ok, between you gals i should have this week in bob covered! i may send them an email asking them to do the segement in the last hour as well. :)

Toccata said...

I know both Evelyne and I have notes for you. I told her I felt like I was writing a test and failing! I don't know how you do it. Too bad about Alex being sick. They need him the show was for the most part boring without him.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

ok, now type them up and make them witty with lots of links... haha.

i heard the second half and was so disinterested in most of it.

Toccata said...

What? No, no that was not the deal! I feel like I have just been bamboozled and I did it to myself!

I will try but I have to tell you the program was so boring on Sunday and I still do not know how you listen and write at the same time!

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

hee hee.. you can send them to me if you want. my email is listed on my sidebar.