Sunday, December 10, 2006

i'm bored, i'm the chairman of the bored . . .

so last week i mentioned that i would be missing the first hour or so of the strombo show as i had to work. i raced home after work, got my car stuck in the snow as someone had parked in my space and had to dig myself out. i finally got inside, only to realize that alex wasn’t on (apparently he was sick) and there would be no this week in bob. thanks to toccata and evelyne for offering to fill me in.

the players were strombo, bob, and hilary doyle. ‘nuff said. my next 'the hour' post will deal with ms. doyle.

normally, when i miss part of the show, i go back and read the myspace comments to fill in. i had no desire to do that this week. so this week, the recap only deals with the last hour.

mr. stroumboulopoulos mentions evelyne and the goat and how he met her and her mom in montreal. i believe he said he loved her as well. :)

new segment this week in animals. the only story i followed was hunter, the black lab who saved his family, only to be put up for adoption. mr. stroumboulopoulos called them a bunch of asses. however, it didn’t seem as black and white as that when i read the story., a myspace for christians is discussed. apparently instead of tom as your first friend, it’s jesus. bob thinks it should then be

things they liked.

mr. stroumboulopoulos is going to like dec. 6th as this is the day of the special olympics gala fundraiser.

bob likes bob karlin from the daily show. he was at the, then space ghost and now the daily show. he’s now leaving the daily show and bob wants to send a shout out. he wants his life.

bob has no heroes as he is to busy resenting other people’s success.

bob thinks show me the money with william shatner is the best show on tv. he highly recommends it. mr. stroumboulopoulos says you don’t like this show. you told me it was a crap show but you can’t stop watching it. bob says he likes crap.

overall, i didn't really enjoy the show that much this week. and the feedback i got from people, well, they felt the same way. let's hope alex is better tonight!


Allison said...

The show finally started to work on my mac last week, and no alex :( I turned if off. And now Christmas Vacation takes over this week...maybe I'll catch the last hour now.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

i think this week in bob is on this show... you got to catch that! it is the best.

Evelyne said...

sorry if i haven't had time to type my notes of the show : damn exams!

But it wasn't a really good one : No Alex

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

i so would not worry about it. i really am rather uninterested in what happened in the show. the last hour was just so not compelling.

hope your exams are going well!

Toccata said...

Oh 668. Poor you. We all ditched out on the whole writing up of the notes for you! I tuned in tonight but sadly it was a repeat so I went for a walk instead. I need my Alex fix!!

Barbara said...

LOl your Alex fix.
T\remember when we had the poll asking if people wanted to keep Alex on the show? I wonder if that helped his 'career'.
He now has fans. :-)
Yes this week was a repeat so we all chatted in gabbly instead and planned to go see The Hour as a myspace group Jan 8th... I hope anyone in the GTA not busy that Monday afternoon can come if you book it now.
I will be there with either an orange hat or a press hat on...
can't decide on the hat...

Toccata said...

Oh my God 668, he's gorgeous! I just clicked on Goober's page. He is so darned handsome! I absolutely love how you have, "Things I believe" in the sidebar. That's so funny.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

i've said it before, and i'll say it again, but alex has really come into his own recently. when he was first on, i thought yah, he's all right but i don't know if he'd be ok every week. but now, it's like... oh, alex isn't on. damn! the trio works so well.

thank you toccata, i think he's pretty handsome myself. :). i haven't had much time to work on his page yet, but i'll put up some stories later. perhaps i'll tell the pizza story. :)

Toccata said...

I'm going to add Goober to Sammy Jo's four legged friends. Look forward to hearing the pizza story when you have time.

I love the trio of Bob, George and Alex. They can bat it back and forth so well and Alex can turn the lamest of segments into something absolutely hilarious.