Sunday, July 01, 2007

mr. cab driver...

we pick up the story after the taping of 'the hour' (i'm going to come back to that)

here is a close up of the glen gould statue/bench outside the cbc.

i liked this statue as well. i'm not sure what it's supposed to be of. rabbits maybe? there were a whole bunch of them

i headed back to my friend's place. oh, i forgot to mention something. i have no keys to my friend's place. so i can't come and go as i please. which means i am forever rushing about with very little time to do anything at my friend's place. which leads us to the first catchphrase of the trip. it's something my brother once said to me. we were going to run some errand together and he expected me to be ready like that. he says to me.. i keep forgetting you're a girl. meaning i need at least five minutes to get ready before leaving the house. just because i look dressed, does not mean i am dressed. anyways, i had to say to my buddy "remember, i'm a girl". although he shouldn't have needed a hint because his dog went into my suitcase and proceeded to pull out and chew on my "feminine" products.

the next task at hand is to figure out where i can buy a nxne wristband. all i really wanted to know was if i could buy one at my first gig. but we had massive issues with the advertising, the website and even the people at the nxne headquarters. we went all the way down there, to find out no, we couldn't buy the wristband at the headquarters, only at the gigs. well, that was a big waste of time.

next we went to this bar/restaurant and met "l" there. our server reminded us of mariah carey and was called something like sweetie. it wasn't sweetie but i can't post what it was. i was warned about her breasts, but even with the warning, they were still a distraction. honestly, i do not know how straight men function in the world sometimes. even i had trouble ordering with her breasts in my face.

next, "l" and i ditch my t.o. buddy and hop into a cab. the driver is yakking away on his cell phone. i say "lee's palace's" and off he drives. i am thinking to myself, that he doesn't seem to be driving the right direction but maybe he knows a different route. a few minutes later, he gets off the phone and says, "where are you going". you idiot, you mean you've been driving us around and you don't even know where we are going? i say again "lee's palace" and he says, i don't know where that is. what do you mean, you don't know where lee's palace is? meanwhile, he keeps driving, with the meter running, as we are frantically trying to look up lee's palace in this mini guide we have. finally we give him an address and he acts like he vaguely knows where we are going.

we get up near the vague area of the club and traffic is pretty bad. we finally jump out and our cab driver has the nerve to try and keep our change! yah, no i don't think so. i make sure i take every penny that he is so unwilling to give to me.

anyways, we make our way down to lee's palace. the reason we are heading there is to see kathleen edwards. i love her. thanks to our idiot cab driver, we got there late. i don't know if she played my favourite song ('hockey skates').

the only half decent shot i got of kathleen edwards. the show was good, but the sound was bad. or at least it was near the bar which was as far as we could get in. all banter was lost to us.

i enjoyed the bartender at club as he told everyone to move out of the way when i went to order drinks.

we watched part of jim bryson's set. he's part of kathleen edwards' band. it was ok. not great, but ok.

we leave lee's palace and end up going to some bar for some girl talk. second phrase of the trip is coined. "suck it up". which is what you say when something doesn't work out. you had to pay for a cab? oh well, suck it up.
ooooh... pretty. ha ha.

'l' and i depart and head our separate ways. i head back to the bar where toronto buddy is dj'ing and proceed to amuse myself by annoying this guy at the bar who is talking to my friend. this guy so does not like me. i find this highly entertaining. he tried to play the " i know way more about music than you do' card with me. yah, i don't think so buddy.

we head home. day one is done.


Miss A said...

I swear that statue is like a 3-D Rorschach. I see a rabbit. I also see a goat, a pig and a bulldog :-]

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

i know! i'm like.. maybe it's a dog?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

It's a shame that nxne wasn't what it was cracked up to be. It really bugs me when people yap all through the quiet songs. You should have gone to Sled Island!