Sunday, July 01, 2007

oh canada...

we interrupt the toronto saga for friday random top ten. my internet connection has sucked all week but it seems to be good today, so i'll try and finish up this weekend. i'm leaving saturday for calgary so i'd like to be finished by then. :)

i went all canadian this week in honour of canada day.

  1. (manifest) – the weakerthans (winnipeg)
  2. when the night feels my song – bedouin soundclash (kingston)
  3. sir, you're not blowing – fake cops (calgary)
  4. the future hangs –cuff the duke (oshawa)
  5. hockey skates – kathleen edwards (ottawa)
  6. tigers not daughters – controller.controller (toronto)
  7. what do you want me to do? – pointed sticks (vancouver)
  8. the constant lover – magneta lane (toronto)
  9. marijuana motherfucker – d.o.a. (vancouver)
  10. lost in the plot – the dears (montreal)
i wish sloan or something would have come up to represent the east coast.

happy canada day!


Allison said...

kick ass top ten. minus the band taking the number 2 spot. even though they're from Kingston, i never could really get into them. pleasant fellows though.

hope your weekend is going well!

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

thank you.

i'm not really into them that much either. in fact, they used to kinda of irritate me.

i am having a pretty swell weekend. hope yours is going well too!