Wednesday, July 11, 2007

eat the rich...


i will return to my toronto adventure but i've decided to blog calgary first as there isn't as much to tell.

i'm going to attempt theme posts. let's start with food. did i mention i ate in calgary? here are some highlights.

first off, the airport. i nearly missed my flight. seriously. my luggage barely made it on. however, i was rewarded by cookies on the flight. let's see, no food all the way to toronto. on a five hour flight. cookies on a flight from abbotsford to calgary that's barely an hour long. yah, that makes sense. i did get row 13 again tho. not planned either. whoo hooo!

i left my jacket on the plane. i realized before i got off, so i stopped and had to wait until everyone got off. but i was reward by a sighting of nuns! whoo hoo again! remind me one day to tell you my pope/spanish nuns story.

first food event in calgary. a trip to inglewood (even tho i kept calling it kensington in error) and a visit to spolumbo's. mmmm, i had the spicy italian sausage.

in the plastic containers are limes that i had to go into boston pizza and ask them for. because the store we bought the beer in was sold out of limes.

we had to go back to the store to get a bottle opener. the opener we bought turned out to be a piece of crap plastic that opened four bottles before dying. it was also a wine opener but i can not believe that it would have even opened one bottle without breaking in half.

dinner that night was at the awesome drum and monkey. i have raved about their mac and cheese before. and it's just as good as before.

we had just sat down when this large party came in. i offered to move down to the next table and you would have thought i had offered to buy them a round of drinks the way they went on and on. really, it's no big deal. it's one table over.

later on, in the castle pub, i saw the best thing in the bathroom. sure, condoms are handy, but what about before that? what about getting to that stage? what happens when i want to make out?

oh, thank god, i can buy gum in the bathroom now! kissable breath for everyone!

the next day, we decided to hit the palomino club for lunch before stampede. now, i raved about this place as well. however, this time, it was so disappointing. i have been going on and on about this to my bbq "posse" back home and they can't wait to come out to taste it. i was already to text them when i got there about how good it was. but alas, they were not serving the full menu. only three items, and no choices in sides. just beans (blech!) and coleslaw (which was ok). and the service kinda sucked. plus they played friggin' john cougar! what happened to hank III and merle and johnny?

the idea behind going to lunch before stampede was so we wouldn't be that hungry. oh well, more room for bad food. first stop...

mmmmm, bannock. this picture is actually from last year because the stand was so packed, i couldn't even see the sign. i love bannock. my pne "posse" mourn the fact the bannock left the pne years ago and has never returned. i ordered two helpings in their honour. but i only ate one on the fairgrounds!

this is the most bizarre thing i saw. the picklestickle was odd, deep fried cheese cake was odd, but deep fried coke? i was too afraid to try it, and i couldn't see anyone else trying it either at this point. the girl making it was so not happy to be in the glass booth, being stared at constantly. here's a recipe for it.

a bucket of mini doughnuts?!

i also saw a woman eating a huge slab of fudge. like it was a sandwich. i almost threw up. but then again, i don't really like fudge.

we also ate some salt water taffy. chocolate got the thumbs down as it was not very chocolatey. my friend said the same for the vanilla. i gave a thumbs up on the butter rum. and my friend did the same for the mint.

we ended up driving around looking for a place to eat dinner. at ten to midnight. luckily it was stampede and everything was open still. we ended up at the 1410 which we thought was just going to be pub grub, but it was actually really good. i had a little bitty steak with awesome mashed potatoes. we are going to go back next time for brunch.

some of you may remember my quest for pancakes in calgary. so you can imagine my excitement on going to my first ever stampede breakfast.

oooooh, i'm so excited i could do a happy pancake dance right now. where is the breakfast? who is putting it on? what company is sponsoring my first ever stampede breakfast? and whose bright idea was it to break in the new bottle opener at two in the morning?

get out! they have free breakfasts at the funeral home?! how happy is my inner goth child now?!

mmmmmm... pancakes.

well, it's been a couple of hours since we ate. better get a little snack to keep us going. chocolate? ok. and what's this? oh, it's bernard callebaut. i choose two truffles, an expresso and a irish creme. oh yah, and a dark bar for later.

oh, is it lunch time already? time to hit the ship and anchor pub. and because one breakfast isn't enough for me, let's have breakfast again. but this time, on the patio. mmmmm, yummy toast.

i have no desire to discuss dinner that night. let's just say it was standard pub grub. but i did eat my second piece of bannock when i got back to my calgary abode.

for breakfast, i went to peter's drive-in. (if you go to their website, you can read what hugh jackman says about them). i choose the cheeseburger but no shake. i was saving room for a little treat.

i love drive-in's and diners. it makes me happy when i find one. i have to remember to find a good diner for my next trip to calgary.

wow, i heard the wages were high in calgary. here's the proof. this is better pay than a lot of skilled jobs out here.

off to kensington, and i had to treat myself at crave. my photo of my cupcake didn't turn out because i was so excited to eat it. i had the crave-o-licious which is chocolate cup cake with blue vanilla icing. perfection!

later on i saw this sign. now, i misread things a lot. i've decided it's because i'm a speed reader and my brain is faster than my eyes. or is it the other way around? anyways, i thought this sign said no potstickers. i nearly dropped my cupcake when i snorted with laughter.

well, that's the end of my food tour of calgary. join me next time for.... music.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I got a tummy ache just reading about all that eating! But it is hard to pass up a Craves' cupcake.

Miss A said...

I read your post and nearly choked to death on my lunch (homemade turkey, cheese & veggie wrap). You are funny. No Potstickers.

Your friend has a lot of Becel in ratio to the amount of food in that fridge.

Curious to hear about the object of the obsession.

This blog is like a good mystery book...I want to turn the page to see what happens next!!

Evelyne said...

Now, I want to go out and eat something really good in a resto! (well something better than a beer and pâté chinois!)

Allison said...

Gum in the bathroom is KEY. That's awesome.

Just the idea of deep fried coke makes me ill. Yep, just threw up a bit in my mouth.

That's a lot of food. I imagine you still feel full.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

barbara - i know. i almost threw up when i was writing about it. it's a lot of food.

the crave cupcake was way too good.

miss a - i read that as homemade turkey... ie you made the turkey yourself. i was most impressed.

thank you so much. i know how much you love mysteries!

evelyne- what is pâté chinois?

allison - isn't it tho? i think gum needs to be in more places.

i hear you.

we were just talking in the car about how full i still am.

mellowlee said...

Ohmygod. I clicked over to both the Deepfried Coke recipe, and the Crave site. I checked out the photos of the cupcakes on their menu, and am drooling all over my keyboard!!! The deep fried cola sounds crazy. If I had a deep fryer I would try it just for laughs, but where would one get cola syrup? hmmmm

Miss A said...

Yes, after I posted I realized that the wording was off...OR...I'm a turkey farmer. You decide :-D

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

mel - i know aren't they yummy looking? i can't believe i have never indulged in them before.

i'll keep an eye out for some syrup for you. :)

miss a - i prefer to think of you as a turkey farmer. i am imagining snickers running around chasing turkeys!

ps...i love the fact you mentioned the becel.

Evelyne said...

It's sort of like Shepherd's pie, layered ground beed, corn and mashed potatoes (in layers). Wikipedia says that it's a French Canadian dish.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

sooo not what i thought it was. i was like.. chinese pate?

Evelyne said...

The name and the dish itself don't fit very well, I never understood why people call it that way.