Monday, September 15, 2008

alone again, naturally...

i'm trying to write more. it's hard. so i'll just be putting down random things for awhile.

i have been the only human in my house for the past few days. it's been very enjoyable. i never get lonely being alone in my house. and since having goober, i never really worry about being alone either. even if he is a big goof.

tonight, we went to stella's on the drive. i feel like i should like stella's more than i do. kinda the way i feel about broken social scene.

'the hour' opens tonight. i was talking to someone early who was excited by it. it fills me more with trepidation. last season they did manage to repair some of the damage caused by season three but who knows what they will do this year. plus if they don't change that damn theme song, i may go out of my mind.

i have been listening to a lot of xmas music in the past few days.

i interrupt this post to mention what a goof goober is. he is scratching himself but his tongue is flicking out in the same rhythm as his foot is moving.

i was at the library tonight, and this dad was letting his kid climb all over the security system. i wanted to say to him... look, if you want your kid to get injured that's fine. but do you know how expensive those systems are? i don't want my tax dollars going to pay for your stupidity.

i am trying to get out of working tomorrow. wish me luck.


Skylar said...

Hey 668, I watched The Hour too but for the theme song it wasn't catchy enough.... maybe I'll get used to it... ;)

Wishing you luck on getting out of work (today)... héhéhé ;)

Take care! Enjoy!

Chick said...

Goober sounds like great company : )

Chick said...

Did I mention...I'm glad your back?

Allison said...

I'm a fan of the multi subject posts. Its how my brain works best.

I haven't watched The Hour in years...maybe I will tonight.

Whitenoise said...

Wow, I remember clearly when that song was on the charts...funny little irish guy... Whatever happened to Gilbert O'Sullivan, anyway?

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

skylar - i still haven't watched it yet. i have some issues with the new theme but i couldn't bear the last one so i'm good.

chick - he is rather grand company. and thanks! i'm glad to be back.

allison - good.

it's not so crappy anymore. it's not great.. but it will do.

whitenoise - i have no idea. perhaps i should google him. :)

Steph A. said...

Snickers A. is happy that the New Pornographers' are no longer featured on The Hour. I swear that Snickers could be the first canine contestant on Name That Tune. He would hear the first note of "Use It" and begin barking like a village dingo. There is also a Febreeze commercial that illicits a similar reaction. :(

As for the new song? It lacks pizzaz.

Dale said...

I download the podcasts I like rather than sitting through the hour of The Hour. Use it tonight!

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

steph - i'll have to get into my opinion of the song later.

dale - i pvr the show. and then they pile up until i feel like watching it.