Tuesday, September 16, 2008

let's take the whole day off . .

i got the day off today! of course, i still had to get up early but that's ok.

i am not alone anymore in my house. i'm a little disappointed. but i think i will get more time alone in october.

i went and saw 'burn after reading' this afternoon. i love afternoon movies. i also love eating popcorn at the movies. i like to get the kids combo. tiny popcorn, tiny drink and a kinder egg. this killed my brother. especially since the straw was about two times the size of the drink.

i enjoyed it, in the typical wtf mindset i have when watching a coen brothers film. i wouldn't call it their best movie (i have a rather soft spot for 'blood simple') but still entertaining. however, the biggest laugh of the day came from the sports talk show we listened to on the way in. the guy said his friend went on a first date and took her to see 'bound'. we couldnt' stop laughing all the way in.

i leave you with one of the many reasons i think sarah palin is evil. when she was mayor, her town starting charging rape victims for their own rape kits!

tomorrow, i'm back at work and i really need to get a new cell phone. i'm rather enjoying not having one. it's driving other people crazy but yesterday was the first time i really missed it. i had to walk up two flights of stairs to pick up my friend. i was tempted just to honk (heck, it's not my neighbours!) but i was good.


Toccata said...

One of my favorite things to do is to go to a Friday afternoon movie.

The entire idea of Sarah Palin ever being at the helm of the USA is beyond frightening. I don't understand why the Republican numbers have increased since adding her to the ticket. They should be running away in droves.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

it's nice isn't it? for me, it's not just that there is less people, it's that there is less children.

i know! it's freakin' me out.

Chick said...

That movie looks so fun & silly & perfect to be seen on the middle of the afternoon...my fav. Coen Brothers movie is Fargo...William Macy beating up his car is priceless.

I have to find one of those eggs & devour it soon.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I enjoy leaving the cell phone in the junk drawer myself, which is what I generally do. Film fest has started here, so I will be getting to see a few afternoon movies, at the old theatres with the good popcorn!

Dale said...

Nothing better than an afternoon movie especially if everyone else decides not to go, remember, I hate the people.

Get back to work!

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

chick - ah, fargo. i forgot about that one!

barbara - i still haven't replaced my phone!

have fun film festing!

dale - ok ok i will!