Friday, May 11, 2007

jesus walks...

so 'goober' and i have just come back from a little adventure.

we had just finished a rousing game of ball with mr. man. this of course, is not the toy's name, but the toy reminds me of those mr. men kid books. you be the judge.

'goober's' park toy currently is one without horns. he has one with horns, but we leave that at home. also, his park toy is missing one foot. a recent loss. courtesy of another dog's obsession.

anyways, we had just finished playing and went for a walk around the park. we discovered a cool looking trail. we started down it. this was a bad idea. we ended up at the creek with no way to cross it. or we could climb up a very steep hill. i chose to walk thru the water. i ended up with soggy boots and a long walk to the car. i have learnt my lesson. do not walk down strange trails in dog park!

well, at least it was pretty at the bottom!

here is friday random top ten for this week.

  1. loco gringos like a party - the reverend horton heat
  2. stablemate – palace music
  3. intro – the offspring
  4. uncertain smile (12" remix) – the the
  5. ballroom blitz – the sweet
  6. raw – the curse
  7. on your wings – iron & wine
  8. bad boyfriend – garbage
  9. another night in – tindersticks
  10. 'b' side - the 'b' girls (i swear this song comes up all the time. i am getting quite sick of it)
have a good weekend everyone! i'm off to lie on the couch, dry my feet and catch up on a week's worth of the daily show.


Miss A said...

My 16 month old German Shepherd LOVES those toys. He also has the dinosaur version in green. I never thought about it until I read your blog, but they DO look like the Little Mister characters. Even as an adult without children, I still love those books.

Snickers also has a red Hol-ee Roller Dog ball - one of those rubber, open web balls - we've named it "Webster".

Hopefully Goober is recovering from his wounds...

Allison said...

Oh, I used to love those books! I can see the association.

Ouch, walking through water isn't much fun without the proper attire. Nice pictures though :)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I recently walked through the valley park near our place which turned out to be considerably changed from the floods of a couple of years ago. I can get lost there when the paths are where I think they were supposed to be, so I thought I was done for, but surprisingly found my way across. And with dry feet!

mellowlee said...

Those Mr Men books ROCK! I haven't thought about them in years! The dog park looks beautiful. Ug, having to put up with soggy feet for any amount of time really sucks, but at least goober had a good time hey?

Dale said...

Nice list, I saw the Reverend make an appearance somewhere else too. Garbage rocks and Sweet! Wow, excellent. My brothers played the hell out of Desolation Blvd when I was growing up.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

hey miss a - i know those dinosaurs! i almost bought goober one but i had to go for the devil one. goober also likes the ones that remind me of little octopuses. he steals one of this dog in the park and will not give it back. not even for cookies!

snickers! i love that name. i thought you meant the candy for the longest time.

allison - yep, proper shoewear is always important. and i did appreciate the view. before having to wade across.

barbara - i forgot calgary had all those floods a couple of years back.

mel - he was all like, really? i get to go swimmming? whoooo hooooo!

dale - thanks! ballroom blitz always makes me smile.

Miss A said...

Glad you love the name. Picking a dog name is tough! How did Goober get his name?

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

my brother started calling him goober one day and the name just stuck.

Miss A said...

Ahhh, I thought it might have to do with peanuts ;)...he's so cute!

Miss A said...

Ahhh, I thought it might have to do with peanuts ;)...he's so cute!

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

i think he's pretty cute. a freak, but cute.

Sheena said...

Two of my favourite guy people went to see Rev. Horton Heat in Ottawa on Tuesday nite.. I was tired so I sat across the street just drinking with the women folk.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

i have yet to see the reverend. i am not sure why. i have had plenty of opportunities.