Friday, May 18, 2007

laying on the grass my heart it flares like fire...

you know once you have a dog, the urge to lay on the grass diminishes. and i can't even imagine sitting up against a tree!

it's friday and my new tradition on friday is random postings.

'goober' woke me up at three a.m. the other night. he was howling. in his sleep! full on wolf mode. i felt bad waking him up, but it was three in the morning.

i dropped a friend off at the airport this week and afterwards, 'goober' and i went to an off-leash dog park. i, being me, thought as i was standing on extremely wet sand, why don't i kick the ball for my cute little poochie? i did not realize the stupidity of that idea until i was slipping and sliding on the wet sand, spectacularly landing on my ass, getting sand in my shorts. lucky for my pride, nobody but the dog saw. and he was too busy happily chasing the ball down the beach to even care about me.

when i was driving to pick up the above friend, i nearly got in a car accident with this stupid woman. she was trying to make a left hand turn onto a very busy street. i was in the lane closest to her and she entered my lane. without looking at the traffic. i'm honking frantically because i can't stop because i have traffic behind me. and she still won't look at me. i had enter the lane next to me, slightly cutting off the guy beside me or else i would have rammed into her. he started honking and i thought he was mad at me. but what he did was too funny. he slowed down (because he had no one behind him) and started yelling and giving the woman who was in my lane the finger. he knew i had no other choice but to do what i did.

some of you may remember my adventures in mowing the grass. last week or maybe the week before, i broke a piece off of my lawn mower. i have done this before. it's not very expensive. today i went online to make sure i knew what i was buying, and found out it is the mower fan i keep breaking. i went out and bought a new one. as i was replacing it (which i was very proud of the fact that i was doing it myself), being me, i didn't pay enough attention to the order of how the parts came off very well. i went back in and printed a diagram from the internet. lo and behold, i found out i put the machine together wrong last year. no wonder my lawn mower wasn't working all that great! among other things, i am pretty sure i had the blade upside down! it kicks ass now.

i also put together an ikea trunk this week. apparently, i think i am a handy person this week. i also gave myself a facial so i'm still semi-girly. :)

here is friday random top ten this week.

  1. intro (back to basics) - christina aguilera (oh, so that's the way it's going to be this week)
  2. on springfield mountain - tara maclean (what is this? what is this from? why do i have it? )
  3. repo man – iggy pop (ok, better)
  4. intro (light it up) - jazzalude I - new reality style – guru
  5. want – the cure
  6. dissident – pearl jam
  7. stereotypes – blur
  8. big dumb town - stan ridgway
  9. li'l hilda – fuck
  10. line up – elastica
have a good long weekend my fellow canadians. my yankee buddies are just going to have to wait another week. i think i may join you down in the states next weekend.


Evelyne said...

First of all, I love those random posts! Since I'm back home, I don't want to sit on the grass because I see how the grass looks like where the dog goes to play.

This guy is really cool, I would have love to see the reaction of the stupid woman (because she really is!)

That's what I call being a handy person! "it kicks ass now" lol, I guess that it is going to be easier now!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You are going to be a mowing monster now! That grass doesn't stand a chance.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

evelyne - thanks! so many little things happen during the week that i want to share, but never really fit in to whatever i'm posting. i figure this is the best way to get them down.

the guy was livid! he was really giving it to her.

i am continuing in my handy man mode, i have moved a table up from our basement (dropping it on my head in the bargain) into our kitchen. (ps my brother is out of town, or else he would have helped)

barbara - i did the entire front lawn! i wanted to do the back, but it's raining now. ha ha i caused it because i mowed the lawn. damn proud i am!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Isn't it empowering being able to control the weather like that? You are batman!

Sheena said...

Grr... I get screwed out of my 4th consecutive May 2-4 because of demands by Americans.

Oh, and yay for reading Ashley. He's my 3rd cousin. Highly removed.

mellowlee said...

I loved the random post! Woooots to you for fixing the lawn mower. I love it! I am woman hear me RAWR right HEEEHEEE! Hope you are having a great weekend!

Miss A said...

Maybe you'd like to take a stab at my mower. I had trouble starting it and once I got it going there was a huge bang and an equally huge puff of black smoke. The engine cut out and oil began leaking out all over the place. In your expert opinion, do you think it's dead? :-D

Toccata said...

Oh my gosh, "I am woman hear me RAWR" that song gives me nightmares! lol

Well, I certainly know who to call next time the lawnmower breaks down!

*sigh* said...

I wish I had a lawn :(

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

barbara - shhhh, i must keep my identity secret!

sheena - i enjoyed the fact that for the most part, he accepts responsibility and doesn't blame people.

mel - hope you are having a great one too!

miss a - ha ha. i laugh because i have had a lawnmower smoke on me. i think you may have to give yours last rites.

toccata - i can fix lawnmowers, but i am way better at breaking them. :)

*sigh* - oh, poor baby.