Sunday, June 24, 2007

put on a little makeup, makeup...

get some popcorn allison, time for the next installment in 668's faboulous toronto getaway.

my night (or early morning) ended with me demanding toast from my friend, me frantically making sure the vat19 made it safely, and being too tired to actually pull out the futon into a bed and just crashing. the not pulling out the futon lasted the entire trip.

the next day i am awoken in the manner that i will be awoken all trip. by a cat. luckily, she's very cute.

it's a gorgeous day in toronto. now, normally i would have walked queens street on my first day in toronto. and it was perfect weather for it. however, my friend "l" is coming in from montreal that afternoon. my friend ( i need to think of a good pseudonym for him. he deserves something better than an initial) redeems himself from the bus incident and says, why don't you meet her at the train station? it's right by the cbc. which is where i need to be later in the day. good thinking batman. it's "l"'s first time in toronto, so she really should visit queen street once. so i will save queens street until tomorrow.

i took the street car downtown and my driver was so freakin' scary. he was yelling at people and kicking them off the street car. i was so intimidated, i didn't even take my camera out. i just sat there, afraid to move.

so instead of walking queens street, i end up in eatons centre . (it's probably not called that any more. ) i went in originally because i thought there was a tourist centre there. i wanted a map to get to the 'walk of fame' . but the girl in me was happy to find a sephora (caution, extreme girlyness) in the mall. i got sucked in and had to buy this lipgloss in a ball.

i bought it totally because of the packaging. the colours are me colours but it's lip gloss in a ball! so bright and shiny.. how could i resist?

the service however, sucked. i asked the girl working there if she had had any feedback on this one product and the answer was an explanation of how it worked. yes, thank you, for explaining the obvious but have you tried it? has anyone told you if they like it? she just looked blankly at me and again told me how it worked and tried to sell me a more expensive version. yah, thanks i'll pass. she also said to me when i asked if there was a tester version of this lip balm that it was on sale. yes, thank you again, i can see the big sign, but do you have one that is open that i can smell it? she finally gets me one and tells me it is a good price because it is on sale. oh, how much is it regularly? it's on sale. yes, you have told me that but how much am i saving? it's on sale. ok, honey, don't strain your brain. you have obviously did not have to fill out a i.q. test for this job. i will stop asking you questions.

i finally made it outside and casually walked down to the train station. i stopped briefly to buy a bite to eat. i ended up in some burger joint, and by this point, i had lost all ability to order food. i am sure the staff thought i was a moron. it was like it was my first time in a restaurant. and i only ate about 1/4 of the burger.

this is taken inside the building where the hockey hall of fame is.

this is an art display by xavier veilhan in the same building for luminato

i decided to go to the cbc museum before meeting my friend. because of an incident i'll tell about in a later post, i didn't get much time to look at the museum.

when i was a kid, i loved 'the friendly giant'. and i was fascinated by the fact that jerome the giraffe could draw with his mouth. i used to stick felt pens in my mouth and try to write all the time. it was years before my brain put together the concept that because jerome was a puppet, a hand was actually drawing!

a few years ago, i spent a long time trying to visit his grave. sadly, i never found it.

who didn't want a tickle trunk as a kid? come to think of it, i still do.

next up, the train station to meet "l".

in the station, more luminato art. this is by max streicher.

the fact that i cut off the sign here amused me. i think of this as a zen place for trains.

next, back to the cbc to catch a taping of 'the hour'. but that's for another post.


Allison said...

Those lip balm balls are the shit! Not a phrase I'd normally say, but I love mine a lot.

Those art pictures are great, and the 'Trance to the Trains' priceless.

I forgot my popcorn, but sipped nicely on some tea. Ready for the next round :)

mellowlee said...

OOHOHHOOO Sephora!! I would love to go in there! I get the catalogs but never order anything, just like to look at the stuff. I love those photos. Friendly Giant was the bomb! My sister and I DID have a tickle trunk, but it wasn't as colourful as Mr Dressup's. One day I will tell you about seeing Mr Dressup in concert with my son Devon when he was little. I almost cried. More pics! More pics!!! :O)

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

allison - i am pretty happy with mine!


tea is always yummy. i am having some right now.

mel - there is one in seattle!

i am so jealous you had a tickle trunk and i am so going to hold you to mr. dressup.

you may regret that comment! i have so many pics.

whitenoise said...

Argh! Here you go again with the post titles... from Bread to Sympathy for the Devil to Adam Ant. You're just playing with us, aren't you? ;-)

Sheena said...

Isn't Toronto fabulous...
I lurve the Library Bar at the Royal York. And some time check out Acqua on Front near the HHoF. Excellent oyster bar but weird that it is alway either too empty or too full. Haven't been there for about a year.

The Friendly Giant always creeped me out. The fact he had his cock tied up in a bag, I suppose...

Gledwood said...

Wow... I like that great palm'house building/whatever it is... WHERE are you? ... so you live at 668? Hey! I'm at 667 which means I'm across the road from you AND the beast! How exciting is that! What is the beast like as a neighbour? Does she throw lots of great parties (I nearly typed in pastries then for some reason, perhaps because I'm hungry...) ... they say The Devil Has The Best Tunes... anyhow... take it e.z.... all the best 2u
come to my blog as well!

Gledwood said...

ps The Beast is surely a woman. Surely! It's a woman's world these days!!

Dale said...

Trance to the trains? Excellent!! Maybe I should look up more when I walk through Union Station huh?

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

whitenoise - i do love my song titles/lyrics.

sheena - i am going to have to go to the library bar next time i'm in toronto.

hee hee.

gledwood - welcome.


i will visit soon.

dale - i had no idea until i reviewed my shots.