Monday, June 18, 2007

hey mr pharmacist...

hmmm, i'm not really sure how i feel about that last post. or why i went into all that. i must have been in one weird mood on the weekend.

anyways, back to my trip. my flight was book for wednesday after work. wednesday morning, i check in online and am happy to find out i've been assigned row 13! wooo hoooo! i like this on so many levels. especially since my friend 'l' (who flew to mtl a few weeks earlier) refused to sit in row 13. i figure, chances are good that no one will sit next to me.

"goober" knows something is up. (don't look at the mess behind him!)

at work, we are in full crisis mode and have been since the day before. my new boss keeps asking me if i have room in my suitcase. especially once she hears that there is a bottle of vat 19 rum in there as well.

now, i love flying. and i love the airport. however, what i do not like is getting to the airport. this is because once, a friend was late getting me to the airport and i missed my flight. and had to buy another ticket. ever since then, i am super nervous until i actually get there. once there, i am fine.

i park my car and go inside the park n fly office and to my disappointment, i can't check in my baggage there. the main reason i park there is because they have an airline counter there. i park my car, check in, check my baggage and i'm laughing. however, the counter shuts down at 2 now. damn you! i'm getting agitated. wait forever for the shuttle bus. finally shows up. there is a brief moment of panic as i think my flight is for 3.30 not 5.30. i finally get to the airport and check in. but no, relaxing for me this time.

now, i have to rush down to the clinic at the airport. you see, i was driving to work and realized i had forgotten to pack a cream i need for an allergic reaction i sometimes get. about ten minutes after i had realized, my ears started to itch. i think, it's just psychosomatic, don't think about it. about 1/2 way thru my day, i come to the sad realization that no, it's real. my ears are red and itchy. so now i'm at the airport clinic, hoping to get a prescription and hoping that the pharmacy can fill it before i have to board. alas, the doctors have been called out so no prescription for me. the nurse tells me to go to the pharmacy anyways. and i have to give a big shout out to mr pharmacist. he points me in the direction of another cream that works almost as good as my medication. yah! no more itchy ears!

but alas, now i have to hurry hurry hurry to my gate. and did you know that there are no free meals on planes anymore?! hello, it's five hours on a plane! the least you can do is give me a free cookie! and tim horton's shut down before i could get a sandwich prior to boarding. damn you! i need my ice cap! i have to buy junk food for the flight instead.

but finally, i am on my way!

the view from row 13! me and my fellow row mate mock all those who suffer from triskaidekaphobia .

ok, i do think these video on demand screens are pretty cool. i watched tv almost all the way to toronto. to my friend "t", yes you are right "how i met your mother" is pretty awesomely funny. i need to watch more. i also watched got to watch "the office". and you can use regular headphones.

they didn't really shut the curtain very well that separates first and second class. the only time i was jealous was when they were offered hot cookies and ice cream. nothing else looked that hot. plus there was this weird smell emanating from there for a good portion of the trip. the best i can do at a description was stale felt tips.

a question popped up while i was reading the onboard magazine... does anyone actually do those exercises listed in there on the plane?

i was so exhausted by the time i got to toronto, the fact that the automatic flusher on the toilets said sloan made me giggle so much i couldn't take a good photo.

ooohh, scary deserted airport.

it's one a.m. when i land and call my buddy. i announce i'm tired, cranky and hungry. he's thrilled. now, i have only give him one job due prior to me landing at the airport. i was planning on renting a car but nothing is open. he is always trying to get me to take transit to and from the airport. so his mission is to get me from the airport to his house by transit. or at least relatively close. i even send him the link to the actual schedule. does he accomplish this feat? no. what was i thinking? this is also the person that made me miss my flight. i catch a cab. i have arrived.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I'm trying to imagine the smell of stale felt tips, but no. Nonetheless, this is not a good smell to pay business class prices for,

Allison said...

I like reading about trips in installments like this. Next time I'm bringing chips, to settle in :)

leazwell said...

We are in PA today and heading to Toronto tomorrow. Let's compare notes when I get back!

Dale said...

You have arrived. Good for you!

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

barbara - it was not pleasant.

allison - :)

leazwell- hope you are having/had a good trip!

dale - yep, good for me! :)