Sunday, June 24, 2007

please allow me to introduce myself...

this is lucifer. the plan was for him to be my stand in for photo ops in toronto. here he is hanging out on the plane.

a couple of shots of lucifer hanging out at the hockey hall of fame. i didn't go in because i went a few years ago.

time for a pit stop. here's a tip for you. looking for a bathroom? always hit the big hotels. not only do they have public bathrooms, they have clean public bathrooms.

i actually stayed at the royal york a few years ago. tip #2, do not go up random elevators at the royal york when drunk. you will end up lost in the hallways trying to find your room.

lucifer, being rather devil like, tried to convince me to eat the free desert that was part of some conference going on.

hanging out with glen gould at the cbc.

look, it's the tree from mr. dressup! i have to get a picture of lucifer with this!

i place lucifer gently on the ledge, and he falls! into the tree! because of course, i didn't think about the fact that inside the tree is where the puppeteer was so of course, there is not actual ledge to the tree house. it's all open.

i look at the back and the treehouse is sealed shut of course. there is a screen and i can see lucifer inside. trapped. forever. a permanent part of the cbc from now on.

the plan was to get a photo of lucifer on the set of 'the hour'. instead, i can only offer a photo of my pack of death mints on my seat at 'the hour'

if you ever visit the cbc museum, say hi to lucifer for me. he is missed already.


Allison said...

Oh, sorry to hear about poor lucifer, how sad.

The CBC museum sounds like a really cool place to visit. All the times I've been to Toronto, practically once a month and I've never been. But your photos are making me think I need to make it there.

Death mints are cool, and a good replacement. Well done!

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

it's a very tragic tale. but if i had to lose him, i feel that the cbc is an appropriate place for him. plus he's in the mr dressup treehouse. that's a pretty cool end.

the cbc musem is super tiny and has some cool stuff. but it's only open m-f during business hours. how stupid is that?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

OMG I hope he doesn't get corrupted by Casey and Finnigan! I never trusted them.

justacoolcat said...

That Glen Gould statue is awesome. My buddy Eric Friesen works at that CBC studio.

Evelyne said...

poor Lucifer! As you said, at least he's at the CBC. Maybe that someone will find him one day and that he'll end up being part of the set of a show, who knows?

I really like your posts about your trip to TO, can't wait to read more about it!

whitenoise said...

I'm a man of wealth and taste

You keep putting these musical nuggets in my ear! ;-)

Did you see this?

Miss A said...

I feel sad for Lucifer :-(. Maybe he has made new "friends" inside the tree...other victims of photographic misfortune.

Toccata said...

All I can say is this was an awesome post to return to. I think it's only fitting that Lucifer makes his home at the CBC. Loved the picture of him with Glen Gould. I am so jealous of Lucifer as I have always wanted to go to Toronto but as yet have not made it.

Dale said...

I trust Finnegan to keep Lucifer safe from the evil Casey. I'll see if I can scare him out next time I'm over there. It's a cool building with lots of great bits of history all around.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

barbara - ha ha. i never understood the relationship between casey and mr. dressup. and why wasn't casey allowed to live in the house?

jacc - i love the glen gould statue.

evelyne - i imagine people seeing him and thinking why is there a devil duck in the treehouse?

thank you. :)

whitenoise - i'm all about lyrics and songs.

i will read that soon.

miss a - i know. maybe i will send a friend in to drop a buddy down there.

toccata - i am glad you were back briefly. :)

not only does he get to go places, he gets to go for free! but he's a devil so who's going to stop him?

dale - prison break!