Wednesday, September 27, 2006


well, i finally found them. pancakes in calgary. they were a bit more fancy than i wanted but yummy none the less. these are at the avenue diner on stephen avenue. (

more calgary stories. after going back to my hotel room and resting for a bit, we decide to head out early to the palomino club and eat before the burlesque show/casino nite kicked in. bad idea. the palomino club was closed until the festivities kicked in at ten. it's now around 8, and we haven't eaten anything but 1/2 of a cookie since lunch. the doorman suggests a pub called 'the bear and kilt' just around the corner on stephen avenue. the pub is downstairs, and pretty empty. but they are playing cool alternative 90's bands like the lemonheads and sugar. and they have strongbow on tap which always makes me happy. we decide to split an appetizer so my friend convinces me to have perogies. they arrive in a lovely little skillet, with sour cream, sausages and the works, and my friend starts chowing down. i take a bite, and i'm like 'do these taste funny to you?'. she's like 'no'. and i'm looking at the inside of it, and it doesn't look like a perogy. plus it tastes kinda meaty. my friend eats some more and then she says 'these aren't perogies, these are dumplings." we had gotten gyozas dressed as perogies. when i told the bartender about the mixup, he was all 'that idiot. the order BEFORE yours was for dumplings. he must have gotten them mixed up." too funny.

we head back to the palomino club. all the waitresses were dressed in lingerie since it was burlesque nite. our was the most scantily dressed (or should that be undressed) in white little boy panties and a corset. she was most distracting. everytime she leaned over our table, we couldn't help staring down her cleavage. we had trouble ordering, i don't know how guys deal with it. :)

the food was awesome. we split a beef brisket sandwich that came with two sides. i chose garlic mashed potatoes and bacon wrapped corn. the potatoes were good but next time i am having the garlic fries. since we were sitting on the upper floor, near the open kitchen, we could smell them everytime someone ordered them. and they smelt incredible. the corn was fantastic.

overall i really liked the atmosphere at the palomino club. the waitresses were nice, they played outlaw country like hank III and merle haggard. however, we totally missed all but about a minute of the burlesque show that was downstairs. we got totally into playing poker and next thing you know, everything was shutting down.

we headed over to tubby dog's but the inside was shut. they had their walk up window open, so we bought some ice cream and walked back to my hotel.

the next day i checked out. i never did get to try out the pool but that was mainly because it was right off the lobby. we did manage to have some chocolate martinis poolside friday so close enough.


Karen said...

The best pancakes I ever found in Calgary was a toss up between PHIL's and NELLIE's COSMIC CAFE both of which are on 17th Avenue.. Mmmm, now I want pancakes.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

so nellie's has pancakes? i have eaten there once but this was before i was on my quest for pancakes in calgary. the perogies i had were extremely yummy.

phil's. i don't know phil's. i will have to check into this next time i'm in calgary.