Saturday, August 11, 2007

there's a fire...

nothing much going on this week. i worked. i played with the dog. i attempted to sleep. oh, this morning i woke up and smelt smoke. i briefly considered panicking, but i was too exhausted. plus it smelt more like cooking than fire. i thought maybe it was coming from outdoors so i stuck my head out the window and yep, the smell was coming from outside. i guess someone was bbqing breakfast at 8 am.

a day late in posting, but not in playing. here's this week's friday random top ten.

  1. family tree - loretta lynn
  2. druganaut – black mountain
  3. all the things you are - andy stochansky
  4. there's a fire – longwave
  5. island's gone bad – shapes and sizes
  6. drain the blood – the distillers
  7. out of luck – pointed sticks
  8. all that matters – pointed sticks (weird, two pointed sticks songs in a row.)
  9. square one – coldplay
  10. who's joe? – new order
have a good weekend everyone. i might go to a hot rod show today but more likely, i will stay home, cleaning and organizing. i feel quite frazzled in my home lately.

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