Tuesday, November 13, 2007

carefree highway...

ok, i told allison i'd post by tuesday so here are goes.

why does our rental car have saskatchewan plates? oh well, let's pretend we are from ray-gin-a. because 668 is having trouble with the words sas-kat-chew-an and sask-a-toon on this trip.

not much to say about this is except that this is one big ass smokey the bear.

this is a place called the enchanted forest. it was closed for the season but we wanted to take some pictures so we pulled into the parking lot. as we pull in, this incredibly fierce dog rushes up to the car and we are trapped! eeekkkkk!

ok, what really happens is this huge german shepherd saunters over to our car at about .0005 mph and looks at us. i'm pretty sure he was mooching for either cookies or love. but we weren't taking in chances.
but we are trapped! visual proof! he eventually gives up and saunters back up to the house.

one of the outside buildings. but what's in the window?

eeeekkkk! clown!

ok, time for an educational stop. just like on the trips with our parents as kids. the site of the last spike in the cpr.

ok, it's not a proper road trip tale without some mention of food. i was fascinated by these beehive structures on our drive and one of them had been turned into a bar and grille called 'the burner". they do a breakfast buffet that was possibly the best road breakfast i've ever had. two big thumbs up on the french toast. they make it with cinnamon and it was so good i forgot to take a picture of it. and it was dirt cheap as well. plus they had pancakes, sausages, bacon, really really good ham, home fries and hash browns, scrambled eggs with actual veggies in them and fruit. and a selection of juices and tea. and did i mention it was cheap? plus we learned that these structures are for burning wood. so it was educational as well.

somewhere along the highway.

sadly another crazy tourist place that was closed. i've been here before and wanted to see the goats again. plus they had really good pie.

the outside gates.

after this, it was pretty much back home and all city driving.

the end. :)


Allison said...

"Not much to say about this is except that this is one big ass smokey the bear".

That's my new quote of the week.

You, and only you would find a clown in a window.

Thank-you for living up to the Tuesday post. Although, I'm technically reading it on my Wednesday, its still Tuesday there. You win, scary clown and all.

Allison said...

p.s. I just saw Elizabeth: The Golden Age...scarier than a clown. A child in the film had a Elizabeth doll, which looked very creepy. Clowns still are up there, but I think porcelain dolls may win out.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

i was terrified when i saw that clown ! i am not convinced it is actually a part of the building. i think it haunts it. :)

don't get me started with dolls. i especially am freaked out by the ones with the big ones.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Did you see the size of the jaw on that German Shepherd? Oh yeah I guess you did. So he may have been sauntering but I think he could have removed a face if he ever woke up.

Sounds like it was a great day trip despite the perplexing Saskatchewan plate.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

big ones = big eyes

i am having incredible difficulty with words these days. :)

oh, he could have crushed us easily. and he was pretty smart in the fact that he did know how to trap us in the car without doing a lot of work.

Chick said...

Great photos...sounds like a great trip...sorry you couldn't have pie though.

whitenoise said...

One of my favourite quotes is from a Saskatchewan grain farmer viewing Vancouver/Victoria for the first time: "Yep, would be a nice view if they didn't have all them mountains in the way..."

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

chick - i was really looking forward to pie as well. :(

whitenoise - too funny.

Steph A. said...

Nice pictures. That German Shepherd is cute...but MINE is cuter! If he's like Snickers, he was definately looking for cookies...mmmmmmmm...cookies... :)

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

yes, snickers is way cuter. :)

he totally kept looking at us with confusion. like he was thinking, why are these people not getting out of the car to feed and pet me?

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