Monday, December 17, 2007

donuts - i told you to get me donuts! ...

ok, every year, all of us cousins get together and do a santa gift exchange. we all bring a wrapped gift and put it on the table. we draw cards and either the high card or low card gets to pick first. this usually sets off the first round of the debate on the official rules. the rules are extremely complicated, and get debated vigorously each year. the only rule that everyone always agrees on, and is strictly enforced is the opposable thumb rule. if your thumbs touch the gift, it's yours.

anyways, the exchange is one of those one where you can either pick a unwrapped gift or steal someone else's. and the gifts are usually alcohol based. this year, there were three shooter snakes and ladders in the exchange. very odd.

now, i don't like to give just alcohol. i like to go for some kind of twist. this year, i am pretty damn proud of my idea. i decided to give a bob and doug gift basket.

beer - check
bacon - check
toque - check
dvd - check

but how do i wrap it?

quick! pit stop at tim horton's. wrap everything in donut containers!

put big donut box on the top.

as gift is being opened, "these can't really be donuts?"

oh yes, my friends they are.

cue cousins falling on floor laughing.


Steph A. said...

I still think this is one of the most clever gifts...ever. So much better than just a bottle of wobbly pop. :)

We just tried one of those gift exchanges at our staff meeting last week. No one would steal a gift. Sadly I was picked third, so my options to steal were a) a Tim Horton's travel mug or b)a tin of Tim Horton's coffee. Clearly some members of our group lack YOUR creativity!! At least my gift offering was holiday themed...two Christmas tree ornaments...a moose skiing and a polar bear snowboarding. Oh...what did I end up with? A bottle of white wine. :)

Toccata said...

Awesome idea! The only time I did something like this was a staff party and all I remember was endless laughing throughout. I don't know why it's not done more often.

Allison said...

Great gift and clever wrapping.

I now understand your facebook status ;)

Whitenoise said...

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me.... beer.

Evelyne said...

Your gift is such a good idea... and donuts on top of it is perfect.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Quite inspired. I am a big fan of thoroughly disguised presents.

Dale said...

Excellent work, one for the Christmas record books.

Tracy said...

I love this post... so creative. I am going to use this in the future.

I always tell my students...R&D stands for Rip off and Duplicate, not research and development!

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

steph - stealing is so much fun! i was quite tempted to steal the jack daniels but i got lured away by the shiny wrapping present.

toccata - i think it would be fun at a staff do. it would really helps bring people together.

allison - every time i looked at my status, i laughed. i was loathe to change it.

whitenoise - you said it. :)

evelyne - thank you.

barbara - it's fun when you can fake people out.

dale - i am rather proud

tracy - nice to see you commenting ...:)

my fee is very small. perhaps cheesecakey. :)

Whitenoise said...

Merry Christmas, Neighbour.

mellowlee said...

Happy 2008!!! How was the chinese food? :O)

justacoolcat said...

"anyways, the exchange is one of those one where you can either pick a unwrapped gift or steal someone else's"

I love it!

btw - I haven't forgotten that tag.

Happy New Years!

Barbara said...

Well done and well played... now all I can think about is a fresh box of donuts...

Allison said...

still alive? just checking. ;) hope all is well!

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Chick said...

I love your wrapping idea...I'll bet your gift got stolen by the cousins more than a few times.