Thursday, July 20, 2006

The One Results.. or things may not be so bad

ok, so i watched the results episode of the one and as much as i hate to say it, i found it seemed to show some improvement. i think i was most thankful that the show was only an hour...:) no no no now i'll be somewhat serious. i realized to my shock that 1/2 way during the show, i actually cared somewhat on who got what votes. this is mainly due to the fact that some people have already started to annoy me. which is a good thing. during the first show, i was surprised to find that i didn't care about any of them. the judges irritate me, they were all peace and love in the opener but now it's as if they have been told to be tougher, meaner. they were like, oh yah, i reviewed your performance and i was wrong.. you were off.

as for mr. stroumboulopoulos' performance, i am happy to say that it's improved. much less stiff. makeup has improved vastly but i am still having wardrobe issues. again, it's not what he's wearing per se, but it doesn't look right. i'm still leaning toward it's being improperly fitted. not his fault, that's why there are directors and producers etc. which is where i feel the majority of the problems with the show lie.

the performances bore me but then i still feel it's beautiful people during karaoke. i'd rather see these people do original material.

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