Friday, July 28, 2006

behind blue eyes...

i took my car into be serviced today. it was long overdue, but being low on cash and having had it off the road for a couple of months, i had no choice. the maintenance part was uneventful. i was happy as they found nothing wrong with my baby. the cool thing was that my car was at 124, 000 exactly when i pulled in.

i had bought a book and my mp3 player so i had something to do while my car was being serviced. i realized that i had to go and track down this magazine (pop journalism) and my garage offers drop off service so i had them take me to the local megachain bookstore. of course, it's not open yet so i wander down to the local megachain coffee shop for something to eat. as always, these places always seem overstaffed yet service is crap. anyways, this guy finally asks me what i want and damn, if he doesn't have the most intense blue eyes i have every seen. he's right up there with paul newman and roger daltrey. they are so intense and he's making such deep eye contact that i'm dropping my money, wallet etc. and the funny thing is i was just telling a friend that i NEVER notice or remember eye colour. i only remember if they have light eyes or dark. his eyes were so amazing i even went back there after i went to the local megachain electronic store. they were out of rewriteable dvd's. i could not understand this. when i went back to the coffee shop, i was able to feed my frozen coffee drink addiction, but not by my little sweetie. he was on break. :(

the reason i took my baby in to be serviced is because i'm off to seattle tomorrow to see the reunion of the murder city devils. whoo hoooo!

i am being haunted by clowns. last nite there were dancing clowns on sabrina the teenage witch.

i'll comment on the one cancellation later... it's all about good thoughts right now.

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