Tuesday, July 25, 2006

we're gonna have a tv party tonight.. alright!

it's been freakin' hot here. it's starting to cool down, but when you throw in a bout of insomnia and my natural nocturnalness, i feel like i have spent the past week, in front of my air conditioner (the current love of my life), watching tv. i have discovered that no matter what time it is, there is always an episode of saved by the bell on. and if you really want to screw with your mind, on the hottest day of the year, watch xmas specials.

so tonight was episode three of the one (you know, i didn't start this blog out to review the one, but somehow that's what it has turned into). i still don't like any of the contestants but man, do i dislike a couple of them. the blonde one and nick. nick is the only contestant i can remember the name of, strictly on the basis that he annoys me most of all. the others i just have nicknames for.

i was talking to a friend of mine who is not watching the one. she watches rockstar supernova that runs opposite it. we talked about how we are not thrilled by cbc picking this up and all the controversy over it bumping the national. i'm more upset because it has replaced the mercer report out here. even tho' it is repeats, i miss my weekly dose of rick. he makes me laugh out loud every week. and could the cbc please advertise what time the show is on out west? i tried to pay attention to every ad, and i don't recall ever seeing it listed.

anyways, since i admit the only reason i'm following the one is to watch mr. stroumboulopoulos' performance, i'll start there. i have a friend who always asks me how his hair is. i'm happy to report his hair has been fine on all three shows. make up - good. wardrobe - better. it is the fit that is bothering me and tonight's outfit was soooo close to being spot on there. as for his actual hosting performance, tonight's show made me happy. not stiff, very personable, cocky in the right places. nice naturalness to the contestant's interviews. didn't feel so scripted. some good quips that actually sounded adlibbed.

the judges. well it's as if they have read the boards etc and decided ok, let's try and be mean now. the way the female judge (another person i can never remember the name of) was trying to tear strips off the contestants about last week's show. uh, honey, from what i remembered you had nothing that terrible to say on the show, so why the turn around? and that whole hoochie mamma comment, about not having breasts on display this week. so why did almost all the female contestants have low cut tops on? the judges this week were all attempting to be all hardcore.

the show is still way too long at two hours. i am hoping that once the contestants numbers start dropping, it will go down to just an hour. my boredom level started to kick in around the hour point.

and please, could all the beautiful people singing karaoke stop crying on camera. yah, you're senstive. i get it.


Barbara said...

I like your style 668. Anytime you want to do a guest post on the stroumboulopouli re: George and or The Hour email our blog with your post and we'll vote... we are a democratic bunch.

Evelyne said...

There's an other tv show that there's almost always an episode on : The Simpson's (I've been able to watch 4 hours in a row os Simposons one night)!
I like your review, good job on it! ;)

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

thanks so much on your kind feedback, i'm new to this blogging thing so i really appreciate it.

when i come up with a good subject, i just may email you guys. i'm kicking around a couple of ideas but they may not work now that the one has been cancelled.

seinfeld. that's another show that is always on. i just think it's funny i can watch saved by the bell at three or four o'clock in the morning. shouldn't those crazy kids been in bed at that hour?