Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The One

after it was announced that mr. stroumboulopoulos was going to be hosting the new american reality series 'the one', i got emails from pals asking me what i thought. i make no secret of the fact that the only tv shows that i make a point of never missing are 24 and the hour. and i was not thrilled by the news at all. a lot of them were purely selfish reasons like do i really want to see george in 'people magazine'? will he be appearing on 'good morning america' and 'the view' next?

i debated back and forth with myself on whether or not i was going to watch this reality (why are these called reality shows? whose reality is like that? aren't these really just talent shows?) show. i thought maybe i'll just tape it and watch it later. none of these shows ever appealed to me before, although i can't say that i don't watch reality tv as i used to claim. i realized that what are home improvement shows but a form of reality tv? and currently, i do enjoy watching 'inked' on a and e.

anyways, due to a drug coma brought on by a generic cold medicine (haha.. no product placement here) , i was unable to tape it and ended up having to watch. man, i wished i had taped it, because then i could have fast forwarded thru it and only watched the parts that interested me. it wasn't that i hated it, but i just found it boring. i didn't care about any of the particpants either way. maybe that's how these shows start off? maybe people don't care until after a few episodes? i have no idea. it just seems like beautiful people singing karoke.

as for the hosting job, i've seen better but most of the issues i have would be production/direction related. the web seems to be all buzzing that he didn't have his nose piercing in. i, on the other hand, never expected him to have it. come on, abc is owned by disney. there was no way he was going to be able to keep that. same goes with the wardrobe. the jacket, etc was what i expected. although something seemed wrong there. i can't put my finger on it. maybe it wasn't fitted properly. his makeup certainly was over the top. he opened rather stiff, but that could be down to opening night jitters or bad direction.

the other bitch i have about it is CBC's advertising of it. Not only is it on ALL the time, but they keep pushing what time it is on in the east. which is not what time it is on in the west. if i am watching in PST time, i'd like to see my ads in PST time.

i will watch tonight's results show but i will keep my book handy. and thankfully it is only an hour long. two hours is way too much.

and could it have a more idiotic name? it is impossible to do a decent google search on it...:)

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