Thursday, July 27, 2006

Send In The Clowns... there ought to be clowns...

clowns freak me out. i've been thinking of clowns because i saw the funniest thing on frasier the other nite. frasier dressed up as a maniac clown and had a butcher knife in his hand. his dad opened the door and when he turned around, frasier was there. martin screamed. i laughed my ass off. and then later that day i was watching an episode of disney's the weekenders and it was all about tino's fear of clowns. i so related.

yesterday, i went out for dinner and drinks with friends. we had the most evil time at the five point cafe in vancouver. it was sad. i love the five point but i am not sure i can ever go back there because the ass. manager was such a bitch. i'll blog seperately about that. it'll just wind me up and i'm not ready to go there yet.

anyways, because i was going out, i was going to miss the one. i forgot to ask my brother to tape it when he got home from work so i had to leave him on note on the bathroom door and hope that he woke up in time to see it (he works graveyard). my vcr died a few months ago and i haven't replaced it yet. plus if my brother tapes it, i get to watch it on dvd.

getting back to the first paragraph and things that freak me out. i realized to my horror, that i actually cared if my brother taped it and that i wanted to know what happened. and that i probably wouldn't find out until this afternoon if he did. which was what happened and i found out that no, he didn't get the note and thus, did not tape it.

so now, it's around 5pm and i have to go online to find out what happened. and i'm seeing all kinds of rumours about cancellations. i deliberately avoid all of these because i don't want to know about that until after i blog this.

i have this to say about abc. they are doing such a shitty job with any promotion of this show. i guess after the low ratings they just gave up. i stupidly assumed i could just go their website and find out who got voted off. but no, i had to go crawling thru the boards, reading all these inane comments to finally find out what happened.

and of course, it turns out that i really wished i had seen this episode. not only did the blonde one get voted out (which i realized after my last post, she is the one that annoys me the most. not nick. but don't get me wrong. nick annoys me a lot. ) but she finds out that nick has gotten some girl pregnant. i wish i could have seen that moment. i would have laughed my ass off. look, you claim you broke up with your boyfriend before this all happened but yet in the first episode you say you have a boyfriend. one of these comments is a lie. either way, i'd call it karma babe.

as i was crawling thru the boards, i read this posting ..

the program is hosted by George Stroumboulopoulos, an overly earnest Canuck who's reportedly the cat's pajamas in the Great White North and bears a passing resemblance to Ford Fairlane-era Andrew Dice Clay. ok, everyone has the right to his own opinion but andrew dice clay? i don't remember seeing mr. stroumboulopoulos in all leather outfits.

oops.. i have just seen this on the abc site...

There are no plans for additional episodes. Thanks to all who participated in and supported The One!There are no plans for additional episodes. Thanks to all who participated in and supported The One!

i actually feel sorry for a lot of the people involved.


Allison said...

Clowns are the worst 'invention', just thinking about them freaks me out.
I too feel bad about The One, not because I watched, but for all the people involved. It does suck for George. I find in general ABC does a horrible job promoting there shows, every heard of 'Sons and Daughters', it was a mid-season show this year, that actually didn't suck, but it was up against Idol, and because of low ratings, ABC canceled the show after a few weeks.
Well, at least it gave us all something to blog about for the last couple of week ;)

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

"sons and daughters" that was the show with amanda walsh right? i saw part of the first episode which i thought was ok, but you are right, the promotion on that was terrible. if i had seen more promo on it, chances are i would have remembered to watch it again.