Wednesday, February 14, 2007

somebody's watching you...

i found this post i wrote ages ago in my drafts. i thought it was kinda suitable for today being that it is the evil 'v' day.

i have a myspace dilemma. i may have created a situation where some guy on myspace thinks i'm some kind of potential stalker. or at the very least some kind of freak. maybe even a myspace whore. but all i really wanted to do was tell him that i liked his songs.

here is what happened. i got the link to a myspace page awhile back. it's a music account, not a personal account. i started listening to this guy's music, and i ended up listening to it a lot when i was job searching online. one night i was listening to it and i started to think, i wish i could just download these songs so i could listen to them on mp3 player. well, actually, first i wondered if this guy had a cd out, which turned out to be no so then i wanted to download the songs. anyways, i thought i would leave a comment on the guy's page and tell him that i enjoyed his work. if i am on myspace, and i like someone's work, i usually like to leave a comment so that other people can see it. i think that it helps the bands, having those comments public.

however, i couldn't comment so i ended up sending him an email. he emailed me back and it was then that i realized that when i had contacted him, i wasn't signed on to my 'real' account, but my blogging account. at first, i thought, no big deal. we communicated a bit, and he wanted to send me his mp3's but he started asking a lot of questions that i was unable to answer. i can't answer off my blogging account and i can't have him connect the dots back to my 'real' account. among other reasons, we don't have a lot of degrees of separation between us, and there are some potential 'issues' there.

i am pretty sure he thinks i'm some kind of freak. and i still don't have his mp3's.


Allison said...

"maybe even a myspace whore"

Sorry, you lost me after that line :)

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

yah, whore tends to do that. :)

Toccata said...

You stalker you! Damn, a possible restraining order and no mp3's! That's just wrong. :)

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

igedai knew i would suck at being a stalker! :)