Saturday, February 03, 2007

its just a brief smile crossing your face...

here's my friday random top ten. played friday. posted saturday. :)

apparently my mp3 player thinks it is still december.

1. intro – gorillaz
2. power – aduck
3. ridin' on the eight ball – the scramblers
4. speed trials - elliott smith
5. blue christmas – ricky van shelton
6. bird in hand - dan macdonald/molly parker
7. welcome to the terrordome – public enemy
8. fashion bleeds - archers of loaf
9. the christmas song - the raveonettes
10. intro – outkast

i won't be around tomorrow for the strombo show (i will be at serena ryder), so please keep me posted on this "month" ( as barbara w put it) in bob. :)


Barbara said...

Since the superbowl party Jim Richards is throwing is on Sunday evening and George said he was going to it... the show has got to be pretaped... so I'll listen and maybe I'll try to take notes... but I don't think you be missing much this week and next weekend G and crew will be in the UK... hmmm

I see you got two intros in 10 songs... what are the odds?

Allison said...

Enjoy the concert!

Evelyne said...

Enjoy the concert, and I'll try to take notes of this "whatever it will be" in Bob.

Toccata said...

Still December! Emjoy Serena. I really like her voice. She was here on Thursday but sadly, I did not finish work in time to go.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Ouch a Sunday night concert? Those are rough. But I'm sure it will be well worth it. Enjoy.

mellowlee said...

Ow, hope it was a blast! Im sure it was, just saying ;O)

Evelyne said...

Hope you enjoyed the show, and the recap of the Strombo show that I e-mailed you, I hope that podcasts are coming soon (George said that they would, but you know, i hope it won't be too long)

Chick said...

Thanks for tuning me in to Random 10 on Fridays.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

barbara - i thought that was pretty cool, but how cool would it have been if that last intro was actually an outro?

i'm thinking that there hasn't been a "live" show with the three of them since December... am i wrong?

allison - it was amazing. blogging to come.

evelyne - i did. and i got your notes and i'm going to read them more thoroughly this weekend. thanks!

toccata - such a big voice for such a wee lass.

barbara b - it was particularly roughh as i had a play first, then dinner, then the concert and then a party i had to show up for.

mellowlee - yes it was.

evelyne - podcasts? haha. i won't hold my breath.

chick - you are most welcome. the more ben lee, the better. keep playin' !