Saturday, February 24, 2007

in the country...

i can’t remember the last time i posted a strombo recap. i think it was last year sometime. more than ever, this is my version of the events. :)

last week was live, and the holy trinity returned. minus the holy part.

mr. stroumboulopoulos said it was nice to be on the air and not wanting to barf. last week, he was suffering from strep throat. he had a 102 degree fever. when he was doing interviews, it was like he could see the words come out of their mouths and disappear. people were telling him how good he looked, all rosy cheeked. bob laughed because he thought mr. stroumboulopoulos looked so bad. mr. stroumboulopoulos was sleeping on his couch and liz from 'the hour' texted him, go to the effing doctor. he hadn’t eaten in a day and a half. he went to the doctor in toronto and was asked how long he had been feeling like this. he felt like he was melting, his throat was killing him. the doctor told him he should have come in earlier. guys are idiots. bob wants to know why guys can’t admit they are sick. mr. stroumboulopoulos thought he would just fight it out. he takes the medication and flies to england. his body knows when it is not on the air and can fall apart. the medication ends up working.

bob says that when the show is on the road, people are unhappy. everything is hard to do as everyone is not in the same place. bob and mr. stroumboulopoulos have had no conversation about england until the show. bob is part of the audience for this one.

the various myspace teams are mentioned. bob thinks the fact that his icon is fries with his team name spelt out in ketchup is effing fabulous. alex has posted the pictures of bob with his fries on his myspace account.

radio clash – the clash

country house – blur

damon albarn’s bad interview is mentioned. bob thinks country house sounds like a song from a broadway musical. mr. stroumboulopoulos hates broadway musicals. he doesn’t like the stupid dancing. bob thinks mr. stroumboulopoulos is an anglo snob, that everything english is good. mr. stroumboulopoulos wants to stick a pin in bob’s neck for not liking blur. mr. stroumboulopoulos has ripped into bob before for liking broadway shows. alex doesn’t mind them, there are some good songs. he thinks rent has a good song. mr. stroumboulopoulos says no. bob brings up “ol man river’. this is an agreed upon good song. alex says sure, bob is a boob, but he wants to bring it back to mr. stroumboulopoulos riding bob about his opinion. bob says mr. stroumboulopoulos berated him for about ten minutes. mr. stroumboulopoulos says it is because he cares about bob. alex wants to know how is it bad for bob? bob suggests mr. stroumboulopoulos is a hypocrite. alex declares it’s just music. mr. stroumboulopoulos concedes that he likes some musicials. like tommy.

they talk about amy winehouse. alex isn’t interested. bob says that’s tough but fair. (i love it when he says this). mr. stroumboulopoulos says that he likes a lot of artists but rarely is he really into someone. he is into amy winehouse. he was on the red carpet at the brits. lots of celebs. kelly osbourne, cool. amy basically arrived wearing a belt as a skirt. mr. stroumboulopoulos says he doesn’t do the typical red carpet talk ie. what are you wearing? bob says more like what she wasn’t wearing. mr. stroumboulopoulos says he was well aware of that. he asked her about her year and she said it was pretty cool and that she was able to play a lot of pool. mr. stroumboulopoulos says dude, i stopped. he had no idea. he looked into her eyes. the camera was on his face. he was like a deer in headlights. he was stunned. he loved her even more because of that. alex says that it sounds like someone who hasn’t any interest in talking to you. mr. stroumboulopoulos says no she’s nice.

the talk turns to taking muffins from strangers. alex says don’t take food from strangers. bob says twelve years ago when he and mr. stroumboulopoulos started, that’s how they ate. mr. stroumboulopoulos says that alex is paid good money so he doesn’t have to eat from strangers and he is welcome. alex says whatever. don’t eat food from strangers.

a discussion about bob having a shaved head. bob thinks that he would look awesome. alex described bob’s current look as take a football, put it on it’s side. two eyes, nose, dirt around the mouth. that’s bob’s head right now.

stuff – bob has a topic this week. he and his wife were thinking of going tobogganing and they start to wonder… is tobogganing insane? mr. stroumboulopoulos says yes. alex says no, everyone does it. it’s stupid to think that there is something wrong with it. shut up. bob brings up the fact that we have tried to make things as safe as possible. alex interjects, that’s not true. alex says it’s about having fun. mr. stroumboulopoulos says that an ambulance attendant told him that the number one calls they get are from adult tobogganers. you forget how fast you go. bob thinks you can’t do it if you are not sober. alex has a scar from tobogganing, he almost went blind. he went tobogganing right after as he is not a baby.

against me is played. one of mr. stroumboulopoulos’ favourite bands.

mr. stroumboulopoulos mentions he used to be bald. (haha.. so, not going there)

someone complains about snow pants. alex says that’s the best part! crazy carpets are mentioned by name. (which i think is different from tobogganing but i think they are saying it is the same.) alex says it’s a marketing ploy. they aren’t that crazy. bob (perhaps) says they should be mediocre carpets. .

richard krause (?) is on. a discussion of the oscars.

a caller calls in and mentions spraying silicion on truck inner tubes. mr. stroumboulopoulos calls it pimpin’ your tube. the caller also mentions britney spears shaving her head to match her crotch. bob admires the fact that he waiting 30 minutes to say that.

a caller calls in and says that he used to get strep throat all the time until he changed his diet. he gave up dairy. mr. stroumboulopoulos says he doesn’t drink milk, but does cheese on a cheeseburger count? god forbid, i will get it non-stop.

next question about stuff.. are bored people boring? bob says yes. alex isn’t a big fan of the question. he says that bob would be wrong. it’s a dumb question and isn’t it a song lyric? mr. stroumboulopoulos agrees with alex. we are overstimulated and it is good to be bored. bob says there is a difference between being at peace and bored.

this week in bob.

monday – bad. alex was really really busy because someone had this great idea, oooh, let’s go to london. it was hard, and not in a good way like a boiled egg. it wasn’t hard because alex can’t do his job. it was that someone decided to mess up his day.

tues/weds – skipped. same reason as monday. alex emphatically states that he was busy, he had work to do.

thurs – alex says he is glad you asked. george, you will be interested in this. he walked into the writers room. he uses air quotes around the writer’s room because they have their meeting in the kitchenette. he needed to microwave his lunch. he doesn't remember what he was having. they were having their meeting, however, from what he can tell, the meeting was about crossword puzzles. they were having a lengthy discussion on how to finish them, what their favourite clues were, etc. he was going out of his freakin’ mind and these effing guys are going on about crosswords? mr. stroumboulopoulos tells bob he has to wait until the end. alex figures there must be a good reason for this. bob wouldn’t do this to us.

friday – nothing happened.

it is assumed alex is finished. but he says wait, wait i have to finish.

sunday - alex didn’t think he would have anything but bob decided to open his mouth. i don’t believe in bosses. what the hell is that? like boring people? that’s just dumb, they exist.

bob’s rebuttal – when someone interrupts the meeting, the meeting stops. alex says that’s your fault for having it in the kitchen. bob’s favourite clue, four letters what is buried in the studio…(hee hee)

hüsker dü

someone sends a message, i would do anything for a moment of boredom. mr. stroumboulopoulos says he is with you there.

noel gallagher cancels, no explanation. next day, they get him. bryan ferry. you are kinda over, you should show up when you are booked. the driver they sent to pick him up calls and says i don’t think he’s coming. they call his manager. his manager says he is very sorry, he is violently ill. we’ve called the doctor. this is said with a pouncy british accent. mr. stroumboulopoulos calls him a jackass. and that it turned out to be a better show in the end. a discussion on doctor house calls and mr. stroumboulopoulos says he has had a doctor make a house call for him.

bob calls 24 a republican travesty. they talk about can you be funny if you are right wing? about how dennis miller lost his humour once he went right wing. they discuss how funny he used to be. mr. stroumboulopoulos calls him possibly the best anchor snl has ever had. bob is very conservative in his views, but funny is funny. jim richards sends in kathleen madigan as a funny right wing comic.

things they like.

when alex tries to get more time, mr. stroumboulopoulos tells him he had a week to come up with something he liked.

mr. stroumboulopoulos discuss english tv and how it is superior in the writing. how it is far and away better than anything else in the world. the production values are awful tho. canada looks like the superbowl compared to them. he likes nathan barley.

bob talks about how he is a technophobe luddite. he doesn’t get into technology, he doesn’t understand it. but bob is into blogging. he has been adding to 'the hour' blog. he loves blogging. he thought it was wanking, but the idea that you can share your thoughts with others. now, he doesn’t not write as much in his diary. alex says, you have a diary? are you a thirteen year old girl? it’s perfect that you have one. does it start with dear diary? bob says dear diary, you can’t believe how mean alex is.

mr. stroumboulopoulos suggests that the man in the yellow hat is a pedophile. or is into bestiality. bob says that’s pretty dark dude. mr. stroumboulopoulos suggests he used the monkey to lure kids.

bob suggests he might try out more technology and give updates on the weightlifter pants experiment is brought up.

bob also thinks 24 sucks this year. bob is down on tv. however, american idol is even better this year. mr. stroumboulopoulos says bob is out of his freakin’ mind.

alex rented extras and thought it was all right. he stoled the bionic bit from that (which would you choose bionic arm or leg? mr. stroumboulopoulos chose leg)

bob blogging is discussed more. alex says that people would like to know what is going on in bob’s head. bob loves the comments in blogging. alex says that bob is a pretty sensitive person, and is surprised. bob finds it fascinating. alex thinks it is because it is more attention being given to bob.

the fact that bindi irwin is booked for the hour is brought up. mr. stroumboulopoulos doesn’t feel comfortable booking her. (perhaps this should have been brought up before she was booked)

the end.

ps. i originally declared this sunday's broadcast to be fancy shoe day, in homage to bob. however, i will be attending a five year old's birthday party and will not be around for the show this week. fancy shoes next week!

i am counting on my pals to keep me updated .. (evelyne, toccata..)

take care y'all.


Chick said...

Oh...I like the idea of fancy shoe week...I do.

Allison said...

"the talk turns to taking muffins from strangers" best change of topic ever!

crazy carpets are so different from tobogganing.

i've said it before and i'll say it again, i like reading your recap better than listening :)

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

chick - wow, i can't believe you made it thru this post! fancy shoe week?! whooo hooo!

allison - see, that's what i think! i, personally, have never been tobagganing but i have been on a crazy carpet many a times. crazy carpets are totally dangerous (but way fun!). i imagine tobagganing is less so.

and thanks! i am glad you enjoy them. i sometimes think it's weird to do them.

Barbara said...

I enjoy them too. It's like reliving it... And I catch stuff I missed because I am multitasking like crazy when I am listening.
There is no way I can recap like you do.
All I can tell you this week is it was George and Bob solo. It was pretaped and they admitted it right off.
They were not going to miss the oscars for the

Allison said...

Crazy carpets are indeed very, very dangerous! When I was younger we had a 'flying saucer' to, holy hell did those things spin going down the hill. Its a wonder there weren't more injuries.

Yes, tobogganing is more boring, because typically more people, and not as flexible. That wasn't suppose to sound dirty, honest.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

barbara - i'm glad. because i listen online, i can't really multitask as i am stuck in one room.

it's funny, i was telling evelyne, that as soon as i realized it was oscar night, i fgured it would be taped. although, i like the fact they admitted right from the start.

oh, i got a surprising email from someone this week....

allison - i am jealous you had the flying saucer. i can see those things getting quite the spin on it. maybe snowsuits are more for padding than for cold protection!

Toccata said...

How was the birthday party? I missed the show because of being away so I think we all need to get out act together for next Sunday and do the fancy shoe thing for Bob.

I love the crazy carpet even if I do have a scar from one wild and crazy ride that went horribly wrong. My friend and I ended up plowing through a barbed wire fence.

Of course your last comment about a surprising email has me curious as all get out!!

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

the party was good. at the request of the party girl, we had chicken and fries. and all of us adults watched the oscars.

ok, sunday is fancy shoe day for bob. oh and my e-mail is related to the strombo show. :)

eeek! barb wired fence! i can only ever remember hitting streetlight poles. and each other. but then, we didn't get a chance to use them that much in vancouver.