Monday, February 12, 2007

three is a magic number...

i got this quiz/survey from both toccata and mellowlee. sometimes i do them, and sometimes i don't. so today, i decided to do it. of course, i got this ages ago. :)

the original number was four. as i have expressed before, i dislike the number four. so i have changed it to three. five was too much. :)

oh, and a side note about three. if you want to know if a number divides by three, you add up all the digits and if they divide by three, then the number divides by three. i learnt that when i was a little kid from marilu henner. and it has proven most useful in my life.

three jobs

1. busperson
2. chambermaid
3. record store clerk

three movies i would watch over and over: (just three?)

1. animal house
2. all about eve
3. high fidelity

added bonus question... three movies you can't pay me to watch again.

1. pretty woman
2. the shipping news
3. cocktail

three places i have been on vacation:

1. toronto
2. trinidad
3. corfu

three tv shows i love to watch:

1. 24
2. the mercer report
3. the daily show (sorry 'the hour', normally you would be here, but alas, i am not impressed lately)

three places i have lived:

1. vancouver, bc
2. jasper, ab
3. london, uk

three of my favourite drinks:

1. diet coke
2. beer
3. tea

three things i do just for me

1. nap
2. art
3. music


Steven Novak said...

I'm sorry...I am...but the three movies you listed are three movies I am sorry I even watched once. ;)


Toccata said...

I liked the addition of three movies you couldn't pay you to watch again!

Trinidad and Corfu. Nice. I would love to go to Corfu. Hopefully someday.

Oh dear when The Hour loses one's of its best advocates you know it's in trouble.

Evelyne said...

It seems that i have 3 movies to add to the list of movies to see! How do you like the new season of 24? next week I'm going home and I'll watch all the episodes of the current season, I hope it's good (but I can it be bad, it's 24!)

Allison said...

Nice list. High Fidelity is such a good picture.

Oh, I second what Toccata said, once the Hour loses you, they are in trouble.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

steve - i am assuming you meant he ones i could watch over and over again. i had a hard time limiting myself to three, but i went with the first ones that came to mind. i like each ones for different reasons. animal house i saw when i was a little kid and it reminds me of how funny my dad was and how he never watched kids movies with me. all about eve reminds me of being in los angeles last winter, and passing the bette davis picnic area.for the rest of the day, all i kept saying was eve, poor eve. and high fidelity i like for all the record store parts because they are all true.

toccata - my friends know not to mention pretty woman in front of me because it sends me into a frenzied rant about how much i hate everything about this movie.

i couldn't figure out what to put for vacation. i've travelled around a bit so i picked places where i specifically went to chill out. although i didn't have a choice with trinidad. my dad took me as a little kid. corfu was fun, we took a break from backpacking and just hung out on the beach.

evelyne - i was kinda disappointed at first with 24 this season, but i think it was because last season started off with such a bang. this season was a bit slower at first, but now.... omg. you have to let me know when you are caught up. i have no one to discuss 24 with this season.

allison - jack black kills me. and so does todd louiso.

i won't even get into 'the hour' right now. another day, another rant. :)

Mellowlee said...

I always have a hard time with these lists. I just go with whatever comes to mind first, cause if I sit and think about favs, i will be there all day! I loved "three movies you couldn't pay me to watch again" too. Awesome.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I have to agree that the movies you couldn't pay me to watch again is a nice touch - perhaps even more telling than those you would watch again and again.

I'm with you on the Hour, I'm afraid. It's not even part of my sensibilities anymore.

Chick said...

High Fidelity? I loved that movie...loved the dark eyed lid with the turtleneck sweater : )

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

mel - i hear you. maybe that's why i don't do these that often. :)

barbara - i agree with you. i think stuff you don't like can be quite insightful.

chick - high fidelity rocks. :)