Friday, March 30, 2007

green green grass of home...

first off, for all my mercer buddies who do not or no longer watch 'the hour', you gotta check out this clip. i heart rick mercer!

steven wright, a comedian i love, once said 'it's a small world, but i wouldn't want to paint it.' i'd like to change that today to 'it's a small world, but i wouldn't want to mow it.'

i got out the lawnmower for the first time this season yesterday. i'd like to state for the record, that i was the first person on my block to do so. this is quite the feat. i'm usually the last person to break down and pull it out. i'm also the first person to put it away.

the house where i live is built on a hill. therefore, the yard is divided into levels. which means i have five separate sections that have to be mowed. separately. three parts in the front, and two in the back. actually now that i think of it, there is one on each side. i've now lost count of how many sections. it's a lot.

my lawnmower isn't that old, but the wheels are kinda shaky. so it vibrates more than it should. plus i am not mowing on even ground. so by the time i stop, my whole body is kinda shaking. and no matter if the sun is out or not, i have to wear sunglasses. to protect my eyes somewhat from the effects of hay fever. plus you never know when a loose pebble is going to up and smack you in the face. it hasn't happened yet. but it could. and if you know me, it's only a matter of time before i have some kind of lawnmower accident. i should probably start wearing a helmet like rick mercer.

i usually let 'goober' sit outside while i am mowing the lawn. this has it's own hazards. i'm not sure what goes on in his mind, but once i start mowing the lawn, and he sees the grass disappearing, he then attempts to eat as much grass as possible, and growl at the big bad lawnmower when it gets to close.

when i finish, my body is all shaking, my muscles ache, my face is flushed, my chest hurts, my eyes are itchy and watery, my nose is stuffed up and my throat is sore. i'm usually sweaty and dirty and it takes me a day to recover. this probably has a lot to do with the fact that i forget to take anything for my hay fever.

i took this photo as my homage to toccata (who i hear is illin'. hope you feel better soon). she always has such great pictures of flowers on her blog. unlike mine. i tried to take a photo close up, but it so did not turn out. if you've followed the above, you will know this is so not my yard. i was at the library the other day and their gardens are full of daffodils. i ended up talking to this really funny older gent about gardening after this. which also reminded me of toccata.

anyways, it's friday so let's play random top ten.

1. devils haircut – beck (haircuts, grasscuts, same thing. ha ha)
2. underwhelmed – sloan
3. 'b' side - the 'b' girls
4. you look like a gorilla – the mopes (yay! bananas!)
5. everyday i love you less and less – kaiser chiefs
6. everybody loves me but you – juliana hatfield
7. stupid girls – pink
8. sweet dreams (are made of this) – eurythmics
9. gatekeeper – feist
10. left of the dial – the replacements

this week, i've seen 50% in concert. i'm aiming for a list that contains 100% bands i've seen in concert. maybe i'll work the list next week to contain only those that i've seen in concert. in fact, maybe i should do more theme random lists. i'll ponder that. oh wait, hopefully, i won't be able to post next week. because i'll be in snowy toronto! no ticket booked yet, no confirmed job offer yet. boo hoo poor me. but i've got everything else planned. place to stay, dog pimped out, tickets to 'the hour' booked.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Thanks for posting that Mercer clip. The man knows funny!

I love that Sloan song, it has grammar geeks in it! I usually end up with a Replacements song on my Friday list, but obviously they went to your place this week instead.

Evelyne said...

I understand your pain 668, mowing = i don't like it! plus, my parents insist that i wear steel toe boots! But didn't you say that you are living with your brother? Shouldn't he be the one doing that?
And I really like to see photos showing that it is spring! there's almost no snow left in Montreal, and the last 2 days have been amazingly sunny, finally we are getting warmer weather like you guys got in the west coast!

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

barbara - i admit it. if there is one person i might have blind devotion for it is mercer. but he's so funny, i can't help it!

i love sloan, i love that song, i love all the grammer references. and i especially love the fact that they used the word atrocious in it.

evelyne - steel toe boots?! eek, that's extreme.

haha.. my brother would never mow the lawn. but to be fair, he works graveyard shift, so he sleeps when it's light out. and i don't think the neighbours would appreciate the lawnmower going at midnight. plus currently i am not working, so i think it's fair that i mow the lawn.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

ps... glad you like the spring shots!
also glad to hear you are getting some warm weather.

justacoolcat said...

You are already mowing the lawn? I'm jealous.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

is it mean to mention i wore shorts yesterday outside? ;)

Barbara said...

It's more like rainy Toronto today. Snow is all gone.
Strombo will be live tonight.. Alex is sick and may not be able to come so Hilary might... I told 'em if Hilary can't make it I'd

Allison said...

hehe...I'm still laughing at your Beck joke.

Toronto doesn't have snow? Does it?

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

barbara - it hailed here today!

more imporantly, is bob going to be on?! i'll miss alex. i hope doyle isn't on. i think it would actual be nice if they could have people on who don't work for 'the hour'.

allison - tee hee. it seemed appropriate.

when i looked at the long range forecast, they were predicting snow for easter weekend in toronto. that was a couple of days ago, so maybe it changed.

Barbara said...

No you are right there might be flurries Friday and Sat....
snow is a 4 letter word...
Oh well, that's why I still have my snow tires on...

Toccata said...

Aw, thanks for the daffodils. I am finally as of today part of the living! Rick Mercer is the best. The Rick Mercer Report always makes my day. I love how he just seems to be having so much fun at what he's doing. Thanks for linking the clip.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

barbara - good thinking.

toccata - happy dance! glad you are back. i feel like i am responsible for getting that clip into the top ten. i've sent it to enough people!

i am sad the season is over tho. nobody makes me laugh like mercer. i want to see him when he comes in may!