Sunday, August 06, 2006

don't step on my blue suede shoes

i am so happy. i found these awesome blue suede converse shoes at the bay. they were insanely cheap to begin with and then they were an additional 30% off. the bay rocks for sales.

the seattle trip went fantastic. apart from both of us being a little hung over from friday nite. i bought us some good karma at the gas station at the start of the trip. a man came up to me begging. he didn't want money, just food. so we bought him some food and all trip long we had good luck.

the only thing that sucked was we couldn't get a cheap room in seattle. there was way too much happening in town.. sea fest, some fish fest in ballard, and the capital hill block party, which was what we went down for. i have to remember that sea fest and the fish fest in ballard are the same day. this is the second time i've been caught out by it. although i always get a great photo there. last time it was nuns and nail polish. this year it was vikings and accordions.

we were able to hit hattie's for breakfast and heinies (great toast!) , and archie mcphee's for toys. then it was off to capital hill, where we scored awesome cheap parking and headed to the party. the lineups were huge and there was, of course, freaks drumming. who likes this? i almost gave them ten bucks to stop. instead we walked around the corner and went in a different entrance with no lineup.

the place was packed, and it was obvious that everyone was there for the big reunion of the murder city devils. we found the stage, which was right outside the comet tavern. we headed in and not only did we make happy hour, we managed to score seats upstairs (who know they had an upstairs). we stayed in and listened to minus the bear from there. i like minus the bear but i didn't feel the need to be right up front to see them. the night went on. more bands. the crowd got bigger and bigger and we looked at each other, and saw that we could see quite a bit of the stage from our seats and decided to stay in, grab some kosher franks and watch the show from inside. it was a good choice. being a person that lacks height, i'd never have seen anything outside. unless i went straight into the pit, and i am so over that now.

then it was a couple of sugar free red bulls and it was trouble free all the way home.

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