Sunday, September 10, 2006

blah blah blah...

a few thoughts i forgot to mention from last week's strombo show.

my radio player kept listing the show as live audio wrestling. this amused me to no end.

i keep hearing the comments that people can't tell mr. stroumboulopoulos and bob apart. i can't relate to this at all. to me, mr. stroumboulopoulos is all hyperkinetic and bob is more laid back.

anyways, on to this week's show.

i thought bob was on fire this week. he had all these really funny quotes that just slayed me.

there was talk on cher and her skills as an actress. mr. stroumboulopoulos seemed to enjoy them while bob did not. they talked about poor marisa tomei. bob told a different version of her oscar win. he said that jack palance had said her name as a joke, but didn't get a chance to read the real name. i'd only heard the version that he had said the wrong name because he had misread it. i seem to recall mr. stroumboulopoulos not knowing a version of this at all. odd movie point #1 if i'm correct.

they talked about steve irwin's death. it's a very sad story but i also agreed with why surprised comment. i remember saying that to a friend after chris farley died. don't get me wrong, i'm not saying it's not sad, or that people deserve it, but when you live a certain lifestyle, there are risks and i'm just not surprised that tragedies occur.

they talked about dinner parties. the best room in bob's house is the bathroom. mr. stroumboulopoulos apparently remodelled his bathroom on bob's. bob managed to burn and undercook the veggies at the same time. i was dissapointed. i thought the horrible dinner party story would be worse.

the movie the ice storm was mentioned. i was surprised that mr. stroumboulopoulos has never seen it. (odd movie point #2)

they talked about sarah polley's movie 'away from her'. it sounds amazing. i can't wait to see it.

more talk on TIFF. shirley maclaine was mentioned along with the fact that warren beatty is her brother. i can't believe that mr. stroumboulopoulos did not know this fact. i thought everyone knew that. (odd movie point #3)

a rerun of the kevin smith interview from the hour.

paul thomas from standard broadcasting (blech!) was on, talking about his skateboard accident and how to avoid accidents.

talked about the debate on mr. stroumboulopoulos' myspace page about the seal hunt. debates have the seal (haha) of approval.

more talk on shirley maclaine. and the mention of movie 'the apartment'. i love her in that. not only do i enjoy the movie, and she's great in it, but she also looks awesome.

a rerun of the al gore interview from the hour.

advice this week was from someone looking for a rich, tall, successful man and should she become a lesbian if this is not possible and someone looking not to wear skinny jeans.

Comedy break was lewis black who had a great bit about time speeding up as you get older. i loved his interview with mr. stroumboulopoulos on the hour during the first season i think.

the upcoming alice cooper interview was mentioned. i saw the clip on 'the hour's' website the other day but it looks like it has come down. or at least it's gone from the main page. i'm not so keen on these intervews taping so much before airing. it was something that was more obvious during the second season and i didn't enjoy it. made the show seem much less live. more planned and less spontaneous.

things they liked. bob hates pets dressed up but likes the story on the cat with the hip hop grill on it's teeth. mr. stroumboulopoulos likes the new dylan. (how predictable)

looking back on this show and last week's show, i have only one thought. they both seemed like one big promo for the hour's new season. look, i'm as excited as the next person about the new season (even, if i am slightly afraid). but to keep playing clips from last season? especially when those clips are available on the web (quick, plug the website...again) . i just feel it's a tad overboard. maybe i wouldn't feel so bad if i could actually listen to the show on the radio, but since i am tied to staying at home and listening via computer, my disapointment feels bigger somehow. i think maybe i should have gone out for dinner. taken the dog out earlier. watched another episode of fame.. :) yes, i know i can just switch it off, but that's not the point. i want it to be so good that i don't want to turn it off. so i keep listening and hoping.


Barbara said...

Wow I can miss the show and just come read your synopsis... :-)
But if I miss the show I would miss making silly comments on George's myspace page that make me look like an obsessed stalker and MSNing with some of the other stroumboulopouli at the same time... then what would be the fun in that?

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

haha.. i was thinking that reviewing the show made me some kind of stalker.

what i found out once i started reviewing the show, was that i actually became more focused on the show itself. i'm very much a bright and shiny distracted kind of a gal so having a goal so to speak is good for me.

and i always look for your myspace comments...:

Barbara said...

Then I will cont. to make silly myspace comments because any encouragment goes a long way...
Just fans not stalkers...

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

i could never be a real stalker.. too much work...:)