Sunday, September 24, 2006

driving in my car...

i was driving home from a party last nite and i finally saw a billboard for the new season of 'the hour'. and i have to say, it had to be in the shittiest of locations. it's on the side of a building, but the building itself is not on a street corner. it's near the middle of the block and there is not much gap between it and the building in front of it. so, if you are driving (as i was), you can not see the billboard unless you are pretty much parallel to it and looking to the right. the only reason i saw it, was that i was switching lanes and turned to check over my shoulder. maybe you can see it by foot better, but then, it's not really in an area of town that has a lot of pedestrians. unless you are looking for a cheap hooker. and even then, it's a block or two away. i certainly hope the cbc got a deal on that location. a few blocks later, i saw another billboard for 'the hour' and it was in a better location. on a street corner with nothing in front of it.

today a friend said to me .. 'hey, have you seen the new commercial with your buddy?' at first, i didn't have any idea what she was talking about. then i realized that we were standing at the cbc booth and figured it out. it was a commerical for 'the hour' starring mr. stroumboulopoulos which has him mocking the nose ring thing and basically implying that he has changed it to a 'prince albert'. she said it was incredibly cheesy and i have to say her description of it certainly was. which just gets me more worried about the new season. (again please, please don't let it suck).

well, onto this week's strombo show.

alex was on for the entire show. he now works for the hour.

mr. stroumboulopoulos stated he was not bill welychka ex of much more music. he said he would explain later but of course never did. bob mentioned how they always have a ton of topics that they say they are going to talk about but never do.

bob was in a festive mood as he and his family celebrated thanksgiving that day. they did this because the hour's opening day is thanksgiving monday. they had all the traditional food and none of the drama. bob is all for surprise holidays now. mr. stroumboulopoulos says his baba takes a week and a half to cook thanksgiving dinner. alex calls mr. stroumboulopoulos a date nazi. bob wants to celebrate xmas in november. mr. stroumboulopoulos and his family celebrate xmas on xmas eve. everyone goes to midnight mass except him of course. sometimes his family talks about moving it to xmas day but he says no. xmas day is all about grand theft auto and movies. they mention how tough it is for kids with divorced parents that have to have two xmas's. mr. stroumboulopoulos says they should just be like him and only talk to one.

i was surprised that thanksgiving monday was the season opener of the hour. not only are they going against the daily show on the cbc. they will be going against turkey dinners on newsworld. at least out in the west. but of course, schedules are only for the east. :)

new band called hot one played ( this is emm gryner's new band.

bob apparently has phil spector hair. this made me laugh because i just finished re-reading ronnie spector's autobiography. and she talks about phil's hair, or lack of it quite a bit. what a freak (phil that is, not ronnie).

bob's rant against tv violence was brought up. he feels vindicated as grey's anatomy went up against csi in season openers and won by about three million. mr. stroumboulopoulos said he likes csi for reasons other than why most people do. alex's mom likes csi, he doesn't. and i have never seen csi. they talked about what artist was what tv show. csi = nickleback. mr. stroumboulopoulos likes nickleback. (eww). bob doesn't (yay). grey's anatomy is ally mcbeal. grey's anatomy = coldplay. the hour = radiohead. they all laugh. they wish. mr. stroumboulopoulos says csi = stp. but just the first two cd's. jag and alias = creed. law and order = pearl jam. qotsa = 24. big not too big, cool as hell, with an enigmatic front man. alex says the hour = mariah carey. they would willing take 11 number one hits. jackass= the minutemen.

then it's back to grey's anatomy vs. csi. this gets compared to the blur vs. oasis when blur won the singles battle but oasis came back a few weeks later with 'wonderwall'. bob will do the show in his underwear if grey's anatomy doesn't beat out csi again.

'gimme shelter' by the rolling stones is played. i hate the stones but i do love this song. mr. stroumboulopoulos calls it the greatest drum fill. a debate is going on via myspace/email over the mention of the who as arguebly the greatest rock band ever.

talk on steve-o urinating on the red carpet at the premiere of 'jackass 2'. bob tells a funny story of how when he was a producer at off the record. where apparently they had good cookies. which reminded me of the party the nite before. me and a guy there discussed how wonderful cake is. and how i wanted to do some kinda of documentary on cake. anyways, back to bob's story. three of the guys from jackass came rolling in drunk, still drinking and wrecking havoc. bob almost gets hits by projectile vomiting from one of the guys. steve-o decided to show bob what he learned in clown college and started balancing a ladder on his chin in a ball room, coming close to hitting an antique globe. bob stops it all by saying ' dude, let's go get a smoke'. as drunk as the guys were, they kept talking about contracts. the interview is unairable. three bozos.

the movie bon cop, bad cop was discussed. i do like the name of that film, even if i have no desire to see it. mr. stroumboulopoulos thought it was kinda funny. adam, the movie guy from eye weekly came on. he had the funniest quote about the movie. he said it was like celine dion. irritating in both official languages. mr. stroumboulopoulos has decided that he wants to like movies when he walks into them. adam's picks for movies were ' six figures' and 'manufactured landscapes'. 'the fountain' was discussed. is it the greatest film that won't be understood for another 25 years or is it the biggest piece of garbage?

apostle of hustle was played. this guy from broken social scene doesn't remember bob everytime they meet. it is not the same guy from last week who blew bob off.

clinton's appearance on fox news with chris wallace was discussed. i wish i had seen it. i'm going to have to youtube it. i saw clinton on the daily show and he was freakin' funny. especially when he was on the hot seat. (question: if hilary runs, how do you defeat her? answer: get more votes). clinton is one of bob's many non romantic crushes.

teen dating with myspace etc was discussed. alex called bob (not for the first time) the oldest man ever. bob thinks it should be ourspace not myspace. is a website for a consulting firm. mr. stroumboulopoulos wants to email them to find our how much it would cost to buy it.

paul thomas from standard (blech) broadcasting was on again during the advice portion. he was out on a date friday nite with a girl who will be called "bruce". he gave her a kiss on the lips in the cab and the cabbie slammed on the brakes and said 'hey!' and glared at him. he claims it was not over the top pda. mr. stroumboulopoulos said his mom would have made them get married but would not have yelled. bob said you were drunk, eating lebanese and in the back of a cab, if that's not romantic. someone called eva or ava called in and slammed paul in a totally funny way. another thought was perhaps that cab driver just didn't like him.

hüsker dü played again. :)

bob dances like goof. alex laughs.

barbara ex-of mtl from the stroumboulopouli gets her myspace read about the red hot chili peppers. alex takes back the idea that he likes people.

more advice about someone whose boyfriend is allergic to shrimp and were at a party where shrimp was served. they wanted to know if it rude to have left or should they have stayed. depending on the severity of the allergy i think they were right to leave. i know people who can't even use the same silverware if it touches seafood and also i know someone who is so allergic to oranges, they get ill off the smell. so in those cases, damn right leave. depending on the size of the party, i also think it could be rude to serve shrimp as well. the hosts knew he was allerigic. so if it's a small dinner party, that would be extremely rude. if it is a huge house party, well, that can't always be helped.

10.35 equals comedy played a bit from the daily show which i saw this week. freakin' funny. a little steve vs steve (carell and colbert). the daily show is ten this year. they talked on how if you work in tv, you work in the shadow of the daily show. alex feels sorry for anyone going against the daily show. the hour on the cbc main network will go against the daily show for the first 1/2 hour, and then the colbert report and letterman in the 2nd. good luck guys.

hilary on myspace sent in her math homework as an advice question. how awesome is that? mr. stroumboulopoulos at some points actually sounded like he knew what he was talking about. at least with the terminology and such. i thought perhaps he was just reading what hilary said but i believe i was wrong.

bob likes the tom greene online talk show. he wants mr. stroumboulopoulos to go on it next time he is in la. if bob is in la at the same time, he will go on it as fat zorro. bob also likes the republican party for standing up for bush in the wake of hugo chavez' devil comments.

things that were mentioned in the myspace bullentin that did not air. bob on being naked in front of strangers, mr. stroumboulopoulos on running into very drunk people. and although i loved the comedy bit they aired, they mentioned bob newhart in the bullentin. i love bob newhart.

and i'd like to say thanks for all those who asked me about how i post. it made me think of a better way to do this.


Evelyne said...

As usual, very good job on the recap of the show... I like to read this entry, it reminds me of the show and I can hear about the parts that I missed.

Barbara said...

And there I am always defending Alex...

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

thanks very much.

looks like there will not be a recap this week.. damn lack of podcasts!

i like alex, but sometimes he is a little whiny...:)