Monday, September 04, 2006

this is radio clash...

man, am i tired today. still recovering from my weekend in calgary, i guess. barely made it thru the strombo show last nite but here are highlights according to me. i am not going to vouch for the order or be held responsible for a 100% accurancy on them due to my mental and physical exhaustion last nite.

the bit about the language on the show was not played.

bob told some story about bicycle polo to explain why he was dressed as a olde time newspaper boy. i liked the fact that he stayed in costume the entire day.

mr. stroumboulopoulos mentioned the fact that he went to the gym. and something about having issues with his feet/legs due to his motorcycling habit. which i have to remember to mention to a friend of mine. because she has stated her belief in this a few times. and everyone likes to be proven right.

mr. stroumboulopoulos's mom called him after last week's show and left him a message about god and motorcycles. reminded me of my grandma's talks. she loved to lecture me about god and jesus and the fact that i need to cook. and get a degree. when she was on a roll, she would be able to wrap all these facts in together and throw in the i need to get married speech as well. i do not want to get married but i love how older generations tend to lecture you on this. like you can just go out one day and get married.

mr. stroumboulopoulos' mom would like him to be a minister. and his grandma would like him to be a bus driver because you get to sit all day.

they talked about the pope abolishing the annual xmas pop concert that is held to raise funds for new churches.

there was talk on fundamentalists. mr. stroumboulopoulos called them not bright. this reminded me of my problem with the marijuana party. the problem with the people who are the public faces of this issue is that they smoke marijuana and also appear stoned whenever i see them in the public eye. i'm for you, but even i have a hard to supporting you when you can't conduct yourself rationally. what i think they need is public faces that do not use marijuna before speaking publicly.

they replayed the interview with the head of the church of satan that ran on the hour last season.

some guy from our lady peace came by and was on for a good portion of the show.

some chick (i am not sure if she was the same chick as last week) is now reading e-mails and myspace comments.

the advice was about phone sex, and long term relationship boredom. the interesting point was that one caller thought he knew the other one. plus hüsker dü's "don't want to know if you are lonely" was played.

cat power's cover of satisfaction was played. i liked the comment "now, that's how you do a cover". i've been accused of hating covers. which is untrue. i have huge issues with cover bands but i like covers. but i always think that when you do a cover, especially if it's as well know as satisfaction, you really need to add something to it. because if you are not, why bother doing it?

the comedy bit was the ricky gervais podcast about superpowers. fuckin' hysterical.

there was a comment from a girl on myspace about her parents not letting her play sports. mr. stroumboulopoulos went off strongly about how parents need to let their kids play sports if they want, and specifically mentioned girls. awesome. i don't understand why parents wouldn't let their kids play sports.

in the things they like portion, mr. stroumboulopoulos mentioned entourage. i was happy he mentioned it because he said that city tv is going to start airing it. i love jeremy piven. i just need to find out the when portion of that.

i was disappointed in last nite's show because in the myspace bullentin there was mention of a dinner party disaster. i wanted to hear about it.


Toccata said...

Good review. I laughed when you wrote about your grandma wanting you to get married. I can so relate to that one!

I too was disappointed in last night's show, mainly the first hour. Sometimes I think they need to do a bit more work getting ready for the show and not just reuse stuff.

I like Jeremy, the dude from Our Lady Peace. I think he's hilarious and for me he saved the show. I tuned out for awhile and came back on in the second half because I knew he was going to be on.

Barbara said...

Great review agent 668!
You got most of it in a nutshell.
Did you read the myspace comments as the show rolled along because Jim Richard's comment was the funniest punchline of the night.
I emailed George last week to tell him angels saved his sorry (and sore) butt from the tornado as a favour to his Mom. Am I wrong?

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

my grandma had a one track mind. go to college, find god, learn to cook, find husband. i was never really sure what order i needed to do this in. i do know that have babies was always last... ha ha.

that's right jeremy was the guy that was on. all i could remember was that it wasn't that raine guy.

and barbara i did see your comment on myspace. i'd like to see (well, hear anyways) jim richards on the strombo show.