Saturday, September 16, 2006

i'm in pieces, bits and pieces...

i went to put my suitcase away from my calgary trip, found out i hadn't finished unpacking yet, and found my notes on my trip.

the picture i took is actually during 'way past sorry'. which is my 2nd favourite song on their new cd.

i can't believe i forgot to mention the cab ride down to morgan's. the cab driver was so insane i nearly threw up in his cab. he kept blaming it on how crazy 17th is to drive. well, yes, if you insist on driving like a maniac, i would imagine it would be crazy to drive. however, if you perhaps chose to obey any traffic rules, you might find it a bit less hectic. he also chose to do the non-meter route and then changed prices on us once we got there. in vancouver, i would have just walked out without paying (as that's what is posted in all the cabs) but my friend not only paid him but tipped him! crazy.

one of the cover tunes that one nine hundred did was nirvana's 'breed'. it reminded me of a conversation i had recently with my 'supernova' friend. i don't watch the show but she likes to give me updates to try and pull me in. she was telling me how one of them covered nirvana. and how it is extremly hard to pull off a nirvana cover. nirvana is too raw and real and personal for most people to pull off. most of the times, it just comes off sounding fake or insincere. however, one definite exception is steve earle's version of 'breed'. but then again, that man has lived. anyways, one nine hundred's cover was at least ok. i could live with it.

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