Friday, September 15, 2006

giving up the ghost...

ok, so this is my first attempt at adding photos to my blog. hopefully i can figure this all out and the pictures won't look like crap.

so, my first nite in calgary, we head to morgan's pub to watch a band called one nine hundred. for some reason, i really like morgan's. i am not sure why. because at first glance, it seems to be the kinda place i would hate. the music between sets is usually pretty good (can't say what they played that nite, but i have heard stuff like the raveonettes, kaiser chiefs, and the dead 60s - which i really enjoy because even though i own the cd, i rarely listen to it as these days i am mainly listening to music on my computer or mp3 player and my copy of the dead 60s has that content protection that caused all those problems last year. ) i've eaten there a few times. it's no palomino or drum and monkey but it's passable. basic pub food.. nachos, burgers, and club sandwiches (which took me four hours to eat. but that's a whole 'nother story)

anyways, back to the band. one nine hundred is the band which has the drummer (harvey warren) who filled in for tommy lee of motley crue one nite. i'd seen them once before last year at morgan's. i couldn't really judge them because they played they played mainly old hard rock/metal cover tunes. but since then they released a new cd, plus they had all that hoopla over the motley crue thing so i was hopin' for better things.

well, maybe it was because they were down a member (apparently the "cute" one), but they played even less original songs than last time. which was even more disappointing than the last time, as i have bought their two cds since and even have a 'favourite' which they did not play (hence the title of this blog). i think they only did four original songs in three sets. so i still don't know if i can judge the live show fairly. i will say that the singer (jd ?) and drummer (harvey) have a nice little repartee going, and as a cover band, they don't suck. but i hate cover bands and i always feel guilty supporting them. i understand that they probably have to do the covers in order to play but it doesn't mean i have to like it.

i took this picture during one of the original songs they did. i think it was 'make up x' but i've misplaced my notes.

they've signed to universal canada so hopefully one day i can see them do a 'real' show.


Barbara said...

My advise? If you are going to show pics of half naked drummers select the pic to be a larger size... lol
There is something about the rock star look...
good post.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

this made me laugh out loud... ok, it made me snort out loud when i read it. what was i thinking? of course, it should have been larger.