Thursday, September 21, 2006

you be illin'...

actually i be illin'. i just bit into what i thought was going to be a yummy potatoe knish and it turns out there are raisins in it! who puts raisins in a knish?! i feel nauseous.

it's weird because just a few hours ago i was telling a friend the story of the time i accused a co-worker of trying to poison me. the assignment was to bring me back a plain bagel back from tim horton's. i was so hungry by the time it arrived and was excited because i could tell from the bag that it was fresh from the oven. i quickly broke off a piece and shoved it in my mouth and nearly threw up at my desk. it was not a plain bagel. it was an evil raisin bagel. i am still not convinced it was an accident....:)

as you can tell, raisins and me do not get along.

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