Friday, January 05, 2007

cuz i'm the garbage man....

nothing like getting up early to put the garbage out and finding out your whole world is covered in a white blanket. reminding me of my initial reaction to a comment on 'the hour' yesterday when they said the whole country is experiencing a mild winter. umm, not the whole country, you self centered eastern bastards! :) (yah, i wake up pretty cranky)

anyways, here is the early morning friday random top ten.

1. new radio – bikini kill
2. dirty diesel – paul westerberg (sigh, poor paul)
3. the life & death of mr. badmouth – pj harvey
4. opinion [acoustic] – nirvana
5. she's lost control – joy division
6. missundaztood - pink
7. fizzy in my mouth/your mouth – howie b
8. mr. excitement - tipsy
9. little empty boat – nick cave & the bad seeds
10. 'b' side - the 'b' girls


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I didn't even know that Paul Westerberg had recorded any solo stuff. I miss the Replacements - I was just listening to them today.

Hope you are over your central Canada hatred.

Toccata said...

I clicked on Paul's link you left. I want to see pictures. That sounds like a strange tale.

Your little rant reminds me of my father growing up. Watching the news in our house like a full contact sport. My father would always yell at the screen his favorite target being Barbara Frum. He'd get so mad and swear he would not watch her ever again but of course you would find him yelling at her once again the next night!

Allison said...

Central and West weather really seems to have switched eh? Hope most of it has melted by now for you!

Barbara said...

I am just enjoying this odd weather... Don't worry it will be back to normal next year

The Strombo show will be live this Sunday I got the word from the Man himself... and included it on my stroumboulopouli post today.

You still going to write that piece for us?

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

i am if you still want it. i'm trying to write this weekend.

Barbara said...

Cool! 668 I am looking forward to it.