Sunday, January 14, 2007

i'm coming on like a hurricane...

ok, so i didn't have time to do the recap on the last show pre-xmas. maybe i'll be wacky and do it this week. i still have the notes.

i will be around this week, but i will probably miss the last ten minutes or so. there is no way in hell i'm taking the chance and missing one second of 24!

please excuse any typos. i'm tired and i know i didn't proof it very well.

the trio returns!

bob laughs about something. and for the record, i will state that bob has a great laugh.

they are using a new sound to chime people in on myspace. i, of course, recognize it in a heartbeat. it's one of the bells from ac/dc's hells bells.

bob says his time off was great because he learned a new trick. when you are not at work, don't work. he spent time incommunicado. he learnt he was not allergic to flannel. mr. stroumboulopoulos texted bob and just figured he and his wife went away. last weekend, mr. stroumboulopoulos went 27 hours incommunicado. he shut off his cell phone/blackberry, his home phone and closed his lap top. bob talks about how big cities are hard to get away from. you have to close the front door and not feel obliged to answer the phone just because it is ringing. (i am so with you bob!). mr. stroumboulopoulos says he used to be that way, but clearly he's not now. but he shares why you should open mail. he came home friday to an orange postcard. his electricity was going to be cut off. he put it down on his coffee table with his mail pile and there were five separate envelopes from them. he pays bills when he flippin' gets to them. he hasn't had heat from a couple of times lately but that is because his furnace was broken. bob talks about how weird it is when your house doesn't work. (i can relate to that, especially recently. power failures gives your house such a surreal feeling). they compare it to when escalators are broken and you have to walk up them like stairs. mr. stroumboulopoulos actually pauses, and looks around for another option. what do you mean i have to use stairs? bob says something like it's like bringing the outdoors in. mr. stroumboulopoulos says that why he has doors and doesn't live in bc where they like doing stuff outdoors.

bob says 2007 seems to be the time to call him and pressure him to have kids.

radio clash - the clash

who made who - ac/dc

there is talk of the new arcade fire and about how much music they play on their show, considering they do a talk show. bob is very proud of their play list. but he wonders are they open minded or non-commited? mr. stroumboulopoulos votes for non-committed.

bob thinks he resembles an angry, drunk bob mould in his new picture on the photo to him says i was once very big in the indie scene. donnie doesn't like his picture as you can't see his face. mr. stroumboulopoulos says he works with divas. alex likes bob's picture as it reminds me of a before picture.

they talk about 'questions about stuff'. bob says that alex is going to do a dramatization about 'stuff' , which seems to shock him. he says he thought he was just going to ask bob a question about stuff. to which he gets the reply of everything about you is a dramatization.

alex calls the stuff segment. he says that etiquette in public sounds nice. bob says that that is alex's question. alex says he wasn't listening to the other ones. (this is one of the many reasons why i enjoy alex.)

the talk changes to the environment and how the polls suggest that this is the most important concern to canadians right now, even above health care and afghanistan. mr. stroumboulopoulos suggests that the health care and afghanistan combine and overthrow the environment for the number one position. mr. stroumboulopoulos understands why it is number one, it is for him. but the question is will people do anything about it? do they care enough? bob has been holding back his answer to this question for four days. bob thinks they do. he says the reason the environment is number one is fluke and the right guy at the same time. the fluke is an incredibly warm winter (this would be for the eastern listeners, out west we are having an horrible winter) and al gore. mr. stroumboulopoulos says that he thinks that al gore is not telling the truth when he says he is not running for president. alex says that the real question is what are you going to do about it? he doesn't think you can do anything. what the question should be is what are we going to do now that it is going to get hot? you need to adapt to the new reality. (interesting concept.)

should bob have kids? a caller calls in and says if you do, don't raise them like my parents raised me. laughter all around. the advice is don't tell them rock n roll is the sound of the devil. don't insult the way they dress.

apparently they are a week or so away from podcasting.

new arcade fire.

mr. stroumboulopoulos has never watched 'saved by the bell'.

sweet georgia brown is played in honour of the harlem globetrotters. bob and mr. stroumboulopoulos both were at the same game as kids but they did not know each other. bob still thinks the pail filled with confetti and not water is the best gag.

back to the caller and advice for child rearing. if you have a girl, don't let her be a prostit-tot. bob calls music videos these days nympo-mercials.

bob wants to know why environmentalists all have dry hair.

a man calls in and says people only care about the environment in the summertime when it actually affects you. and as to kids, sure why not. alex asks bob, aren't you already too old to take kids to the park.

alex suggests that in the future, we should all wear unitards. coloured unitards that separate us by classes. like in that book. bob suggests the bible. alex says no, the other one. they decide on 1984 (which is so wrong, it's brave new world. which he later says is basically the same thing. umm, no.)

'the hour' will apparently be broadcasting from other cities after all this season. or at least one other city. valentine's week, they will be in london, england.

rona ambrose is discussed. mr. stroumboulopoulos says she got hosed by the government. bob says she reminds him of fay wray being offered up to king kong as a sacrifice.

claire martin is on! she basically says the good weather (again, in the east) is due to two factors. one is just luck and the second is el nino. she also tells a story how she was grocery shopping and had kraft dinner in one hand and feminine napkins in the other and was recognized. she wondering do i hide the fact that i can't cook or do i hide ...?

people always ask her about the weather, even mr. stroumboulopoulos keeps coming up to her, can i take my bike out of storage?

they talk about some guy who had 37 rats (in cages) and six cats on a sailboat. the same guy has been in trouble before, having 1300 rats in cages. alex doesn't see what the big deal is. he wants to know if they are individual cages. alex says he may have good reason. bob and mr. stroumboulopoulos agree that three is the right number of pets. mr. stroumboulopoulos throws in you can have more than three fish, but not in one tank unless you have a huge tank. bob says no more than three fish bowls. and that very small animals are only counted as 1/2 a pet. like mountain hamsters. they discuss the ½ pet issue and decide that it is any non dog that is under ten pounds. mr. stroumboulopoulos says he doesn't want his cats, he kinda inherited them. he was thinking of a third stray, but thought he would have to trade it in if he wanted a dog. alex doesn't agree with them. he says you can't go around telling people what they can't and can't do with sharing their love. he is not going to tell you you can't have five pets. they can't believe mr. stroumboulopoulos' cats are still alive. he says he feeds them, but doesn't clean their litter enough. he says his place is disgusting.

this week in bob. mr. stroumboulopoulos says that bob has his head in his hands. alex says it was a bit of trouble this week, bob was keeping on the downlow. he thought about doing a best of bob 2006, the year in review. he was going to call it things they didn't want you to hear. but then friday came along, or in bob's world... chip wagon friday. alex says he found out thru his journalistic what do you call it .. mr. stroumboulopoulos suggests research.. and alex says yah. bob goes to the chip wagon on front street every friday. which alex finds kinda weird as he does not need another tradition where he eats. he took pictures but doesn't have them with him of bob eating the food. alex suggests posting them and mr. stroumboulopoulos says that bob may not let you. bob is eating from a box, not a cup, not a bucket but a box of fries. and the fries were the side dish. mr. stroumboulopoulos says that bob doesn't eat meat on friday as bob is catholic. bob says that you research but you don't know i'm catholic. alex says wait i'm not finished. oh maybe i am. alex took three pictures of bob eating. bob says why can't you take a picture of me when i'm eating alfalfa sprouts. alex says because they don't deep fry alfalfa sprouts. bob says it's not my fault they give them to me in a box. alex says you don't have to eat them all. bob says he is like santa, he gives out the fries. and then he sees alex jump up on a desk and take photos of me. bob is trying to eat better this year. alex says bob doesn't look happy in the pictures, eating his favourite food on his favourite day.

melissa myspaces in with the comment, bob did want a new picture. bob laughs. melissa always has the wittiest things to say.

back to unitards. alex says that everyone is missing the point. he says that he is saying that it would look cool if everyone would wear one. he says it would be good for terrorism. bob asks him to explain. alex says you couldn't hide anything. bob says isn't that the problem. alex says that would go away after awhile. cut outs of the unitards are discussed, ok'd initially and then rejected. alex says the over the head unitard would be better. bob says white ones would make you look like sperm. mr. stroumboulopoulos says he is saving this to play at both of their retirement from this business parties.

a plug for the upcoming frank black interview. (whatever. stop plugging this until you know when it is on!)

things they like.

alex likes everything except forced tipping. he doesn't mind giving people tips. but he went to a restaurant and they automatically added a gratituity. and they were only a party of two. (don't even get me started on the custom of tipping). there was nothing on the menu to indicate an automatic tip. mr. stroumboulopoulos is against this practice unless it is a big party. and then it is ok. alex says everyone knows that. that's fine. bob asks if alex was difficult. alex says no. mr stroumboulopoulos says that alex is a fussy eater. and that he fed him caribou once. alex says it was raw. there was blood in my mouth. mr. stroumboulopoulos says he didn't tell alex, he thought it would be funny. alex ate it and his face went white. alex says he was nice about it he went around the shed and buried it in the snow. he didn't spit it up right in front of everyone. bob says alex is a drag to cook for. he and his wife have him over for dinner and he swears it is like preparing for dignitaries. alex says that he has allergies. bob says they go to sit on the couch and alex says aren't we going to eat at a table. alex wants to know why they were eating at the couch. bob says that everyone eats in front of the tv. alex says but you have a guest over. your wife didn't want to eat by the tv.

they talk about movies, foreign movies. mr. stroumboulopoulos says he assumed the film would not be in english since it was up for best foreign film somewhere. bob says if you think my opinion means anything, i feel sorry for you. alex says they subtitled it for you. bob says well, they subtitle it for everyone. bob loved little miss sunshine. mr. stroumboulopoulos thinks it was ok. bob says that mr. stroumboulopoulos likes crappy movies and is the worst movie reviewer because he is afraid not to like something and admit that he wasted two hours. alex says mr. stroumboulopoulos will laugh at stuff no one else does and you think he's at a higher level, but no he's not.

they talk about tipping and dating and it seems like bob slips up and starts to say stuff he isn't supposed and mr. stroumboulopoulos seems all panicky and the conversation pulls out a bit and they quickly sum up by saying they have all dated others before. alex says it is not my fault servers don't get a lot of money (i am with you on that).

mr. stroumboulopoulos loved the arcade fire this week.


Toccata said...

Hey there, I tuned in but tuned out as soon as I heard both Bob and Alex were away and Hillary was in. I'm sorry but her voice is like some form of primitive torture to me. Enjoy the season premiere of 24.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

bah! i missed the opening as i have way too many remote controls and electronic gadgets hooked up to my tv now...

well, at least the recap should be easy. nothing to quote from doyle instead of the pages and pages and pages of alex and bob. :)

Allison said...

I missed the entire season of 24 last year...I need to get caught up ASAP so I can watch this season.

How was the opener?

Toccata said...

I just read that you had a cinder block fall on your toe. Ouch! Hope you are not walking with a limp.

Barbara said...

good recap... it's like I was there again... you know what.. it's the sharing of that show with people like yourselves that make that show really fun. I listen to say, Jim Richards and once in a while I will laugh but there is no one to share the joke with.... oh that sounds lonely...
If a radio show can have audience participation it's just more fun...
It has to be the right kind of show though... CBC Radio One should be able to do that. We used to listen to Sounds Like Canada in the Summer when Jian was hosting... those were good days... there was participation on his website...some of us even read Ulysses because he challenged us to...Like Hilary the blogger.

I am really just rambling now...
where was I going with this?
Oh just wanted to thank you all for being the friends that make the shows and the chats and the posts and the blogs fun!

Barbara said...

The news is out! I posted something about it on the stroumboulopouli

Barbara said...

Find this what?

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

'the hour' blog.

Barbara said...

the link is on the word blog....
isn't it?

Anonymous said...

at the end of the show george seemed all stiff and awkward because he's single girlfriend, nada...

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

hmmmm... i think this maybe my first anonymous comment. i like it, it seems so mysterious.

i just reported the awkwardness because it was there. :)

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

oh, and thank you barbara