Friday, January 12, 2007

ice ice baby...

holy moly was it cold this morning here. i was going to take the bus into work today, but i was so cold after taking the garbage out, i decided it was worth it to dig my car out of the snow and drive to work. and it was, so worth it.

it's friday and you know what that means... random top ten. although i feel like the same songs keep popping up over and over again. i'm going to have to check that out one day.

1. tigers not daughters - controller.controller
2. round kid - buck-o-nine.
3. frenzy - the ex
4. so far up there - holly golightly
5. dead wrong [remix] - eminem feat. the notorious b.i.g.
6. in 'n' out of grace - mudhoney
7. river man - nick drake
8. too many houses in here - the bellrays
9. i believe - the marble index
10. six feet under main theme - thomas newman


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Have you noticed that you'll routinely get songs or musicians showing up week after week, yet you never play them in real life? I do.

Good call on the car. It's warmed up here today - I hope you guys get some of our warmer air.

Allison said...

Hope it gets warmer for you guys, I hear it was -5 or something today?

Its 7 degrees here, but dropping down to -13 tomorrow. Still no snow. Sniff.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

i hear ya barbara. one day i will look at all my random playlists and see just how random they have been. :)

i hope it warms up a bit here. i don't mind the cold when i don't have to relay on public transit but it sucks waiting for buses when it's so damn cold out. especially when they keep passing you because they are full.

i will ship you some of the snow from my yard. i have enough to share. :)

Toccata said...

I also find my lists don't appear to be all that random. One week I remember thinking, wasn't that last week's list?

Oh man, I would hate to be outside in the cold and have a bus pass me by! Grr!!

Barbara said...

I just looked at the next ten on my party shuffle and there are 3 BNL on that list... hmmmm randomness...

by the way if you want to get on Jian's mailing list he just told me he will now be sending out letters about what he's going to be up to. He has not done that in years.

you can sign up on or email 'em.

mellowlee said...

Cool, I keep seeing controller controller pop up all over the place :O) Im sick of this white stuff already, when the hell is it supposed to melt?!!!

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

so far, i've been lucky because i've only had it happened twice and i was able to get on the next bus. but only just. i wouldn't be able to handle watching bus after bus go by.

i'm ok with the white stuff now, because i'm seeing this strange yellow orb in the sky. :)