Thursday, January 11, 2007

i think i'm angry still...

i'm mad. pissed. riled up.

i promised all my lovely readers (ha ha ha) that my next 'the hour' post would be about doyle. but i was on another site today and i'm got so riled up, i started to leave a rant, and then had to reign myself in. because it's not my blog, and i shouldn't leave a long rant as a comment. so, i've flipped over to my blog and i'm going to try and fully express myself here.

i was reading the lovely barbara b's latest contribution at i'm a big fan of this site. i only started reading it regularly this summer so i can only comment from there. one of the reasons i enjoy this site is it's not a huge lovefest. it's not a i love him, he's hot, i want to marry him type of site. i'm not into that, and it's why i don't join a lot of stuff like that. i'm not judging those sites, to each their own and hey, i have read many a dirty post about mr. sutherland with no guilt. :)

but notpaidbythehour isn't like that. the contributors are all intelligent, insightful opinionated people. and i may not agree with what they say, but i can't wait to read what they say.

the latest post was written by barbara b. again, well written and expressed. and i do agree so much with her. so why i am i riled up? it's because of the comments. now, i think i have expressed (and if i haven't, it's something you should know about me) that i do not care if you agree with me. in fact, it's probably more fun if you don't. i enjoy a good debate. about anything. politics, world events, tv, music, fashion etc... it doesn't matter. but here is what i don't like. if you don't agree with me, fine. but don't tell me i don't have a right to my opinion or my opinion is wrong or stupid. or that i shouldn't express my opinion. that bugs me. a lot.

so, various people are commenting. some agree with her, and some disagree. great, we have some discourse here. i love it. and then, the tone shifts. into what i've started to dislike about websites/forums/myspace etc where 'the hour' and mr. stroumboulopoulos are discussed. it seems like you are not allowed to utter one bad word about either. you can only talk about how brilliant the show/he is, how he is the greatest thing to happen to canada since our medical system and of course, how "hot" you think he is. god forbid you try and offer constructive criticism. apparently if you don't like it, you should just stop watching. well, i guess that's one way of dealing with it. but it's not me. if i don't like something, i'd rather try and change it. especially in this situation. because if i don't say anything, how will the powers that be know how viewers feel? because if the ratings are as low as people are talking about, they want to know why. and maybe, just maybe, they might tweak it in a different direction.

and lately it just seems like the atttitude around the show/host has been, you must adore everything he does. christ, i don't even think that of mr. sutherland. you couldn't pay me to sit thru half the movies he's made. and i think liz phair is one of the most brilliant artists ever. but even i didn't buy her last album. i don't really believe in blind devotion.

i've ranted. i'm not mad as hell anymore, just feeling disheartened by it all.


Toccata said...

You said you were all riled up and I couldn't get here fast to enough to see why! I knew as soon as I read Barbara's post that she was in for it. You're right that the tone shifted and got away from any worthwhile dialogue. I'm with you on the blind devotion thing.

I still remember the night in summer when the Strombolopoli post was all about different music. That was such a fun time. I think that was about the time I got hooked on blogging.

Allison said...

I was beyond thrilled to read Barb's post, it needed to be said. And you guys have been such strong supports it great to have your feedback.

Frankly, its the myspace thing that killed Strombo for me. Just sometimes for the different crowd it attracts...probably shouldn't say that, but just what I think. And of course, I'm not talking about you :)

I love your rants.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

haha.. i'm glad you were so intrigued toccata. did you see my incredibly long comment on their site? and that was me trying to be brief!

that was awesome. i loved that music post. i think i had just discovered blogging around then as well.

allison. i am glad you appreciate the feedback. sometimes i think i tend to run off at the mouth inappropriately on your site.

i totally get the myspace thing. it's just too much sometimes. i'm glad you excluded me. :)

and thank you. :)

Evelyne said...

"i don't really believe in blind devotion" I love it!

MySpace seems to be a lot about blind devotion, some comments of Stroumboulopoulos' space freak me out... I think that even if you really like someone you have to critic what the person does.

It was a great rant!

Barbara said...

did I say anything to upset you?

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

hi barbara, it's funny because i read all my comments via e-mail, before i read them on my blog. when i read yours, i was so confused. until i came here and saw where it was posted.

and no, you didn't say anything to upset me. you took another side, which is perfectly fine. it was later when things started to bug me. and reminded me of all the myspace etc stuff that bugs me. it's why i didn't join the forum right away.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

How on earth did I miss this post of yours? I must have been away that day. I'm sorry to be weighing in late, but I thank you for the backing on that post and more importantly for making your points so well, and so intelligently.

That blind devotion crap really bothers me too. Well said!

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

i must have confused you by posting more than a couple of times that week. :)

you are most welcome. i have your back. :)

as for intelligence etc, thank you! i do my best.