Thursday, January 18, 2007

if you want a lover...

ever know you're going to love a song before you even hear it?

i picked up the leonard cohen tribute/soundtrack 'i'm your man' awhile back. i hadn't had a chance to listen to it, but i ended up loading it onto my mp3 player the other day, and got excited because i had a) forgotten nick cave was on it and b) that he was doing 'i'm your man' . now, i'm a huge nick cave fan (but no blind devotion here, not a big fan of 'nocturama'). and even tho i was dying to hear it, i waited. i had a few other cds that i had to listen to first.

i ended up starting to listen to the soundtrack when i got off the skytrain on my way home, and of course, by this time i had forgotten about the nick cave track. which i think was a good thing.

i'm standing on the bus, when this sleazy intro comes pouring into my ears. and i'm thinking god, yes. even before the vocals hit, i know it's nick. and i love it. it's sexy, it's desperate and i can't wait to get home to listen to it thru speakers and not my headphones. i want to enjoy every single lyric he sings. and when he sings, if you want a father for your child, he makes me want to say yes. for the first time ever. :)

i listened to it all the way home. over and over again. it's my new obsession.

i need to see this movie.

i don't know how to load the song up so instead i offer this bonus link... jethro lazenby, nick cave's model son.

edit...i tried to link this yesterday but blogger was being a pain. here's a visual, courtesy of youtube. unfortunately the intro is buried.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

You really have to watch this film - Nick Cave is in it quite a lot and does quite a bit of talking as well as singing.

His son is a lovely boy, isn't he?

mellowlee said...

I just love this doc so much! You must get it!

Toccata said...

I read the 'bonus'link. That must be a kind of surreal life that he is leading.

I liked your standing on the bus description!

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

i know i know. i have had this dvd in my hand a few times over the past month and always put it back on the shelf.

it will be quite interesting to see how he ages.

thank you toccata.