Friday, April 06, 2007

i wanna die just like jesus christ...

today feels weird. one, i didn't have to get up early. as some of you may know, i'm only working casually lately. but friday, i dedicate to job hunting. partly because most job applications have to be in either on a friday or monday. and partly because i have to get up early on fridays anyways, because it's garbage day. so it works out well. however, since this is good friday, no garbage day. i tried to sleep in but it didn't really work. i did lounge in bed for a bit watching 'cold case files' on a&e (remember when a&e, actually meant arts and entertainment?).

a couple of years back on good friday, i was watching 'green acres'. as one does on good friday. now tv, the religious tv station used to run two hours of 'family entertainment' from 4-6. leave it beaver, green acres and i can't remember what else. they had hosts who would always tie jesus into whatever the show was about.. ie if beaver had only accept the lord jesus christ, ward wouldn't have had to punish him. or something like that. anyways, 'green acres' ended and the two chicks that hosted came back. and i swear, one of them said. "it's good friday. it is the day we celebrate the death of jesus, " and then she paused. for a long time. finally she continued and went on about the resurrection of christ. i couldn't stop laughing. i couldn't stop thinking yay! jesus is dead! where is my party hat?

ok, allison, i'm at my computer, my stomach feels ok and i'm going to try the gum out now. wow, it smells like chocolate syrup. it really does. i've unwrapped the piece and it has that weird white powder on it like you find on the bubble gum that comes with hockey cards. or does all bubble gum have that? when i'm not working, i don't chew gum all that much but when i am, i chew it like a fiend. but never bubble gum. i like the intense flavours. oh, but i digress. i can't get over how much it smells like chocolate syrup. however, it does not taste like chocolate syrup. it tastes all powdery. oh, wait, that's the powder. hmmm, it doesn't have a huge intense kick of chocolate, but every so often, you get a taste of it. it does not however, taste evil and make me spit it out. i think it tastes more chocolaty the more you blow bubbles. and it's definitely more of a fake chocolate taste. i think i will bring this tomorrow and make my friend chew a piece. she will probably throw up. good times.

it's friday, time for random top ten. i'm curious about this week. i'm going on a little road trip tomorrow (destination unknown!) and as always, i'm in charge of the tunes. i was cleaning out the mp3 player yesterday in preparation and right now, i don't have a lot of songs on it.

as i prepare my player, i'm trying to remember a bunch of stuff. no kate bush. go easy on the rap. not too much new stuff. this is all for the co-pilot. for me, i have to remember, watch the lengths of the songs (eight minute songs tend to drive me crazy in a car). watch the feedback. not too much electronica. make sure some new stuff gets on.

so let's see what we have today.

1. morning glory - oasis
2. i'm your man - nick cave
3. gamila (the night is beautiful) - emad sayyeh
4. get in line - juliana hatfield
5. magic bus - the who
6. a song for the lovers - richard ashcroft
7. gong gong - sportsguitar
8. live forever - oasis
9. i'd do anything - simple plan
10. oh! chicago - yahoos

ps. i find the gum rather unfulfillingly. my stomach thinks it is getting chocolate but alas, nothing. now i am hungry. ok, i was hungry before, but now i'm really hungry.


Evelyne said...

I love your label "if i get sick it's Allison's fault"! So it is not totally discussing, i'm surprised, i thought that the gum wouldn't taste good at all, you know, those american candies?

I think that Good Friday is a little bit weird, celebrating the death of someone, or it might be because I'm not really catholic.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Such a tease you are - a JAMC title, but no JAMC on the playlist. Jesus will get you for that. Oh I see he already has, by putting two Oasis songs on there. Hey ho!

Okay, all kidding aside I really enjoyed the play by play plus colour commentary on the gum attempt. Nice touch.

Have a happy Jesus death day.

mellowlee said...

Have a happy Jesus death day haha! That's awesome :O) I thought the gum would turn out to be yummy, as are most things chocolate. Oh well. :O( Nothing like teasing your tummy, now you will have to go buy some yummy easter chocolate for yourself!

Allison said...

LOL!! Ah, this post made me laugh outloud, thanks.

Thanks for the label, and I promise to accept responsibilty. I was just really curious. Too bad it was so unfulfilling, ah well. Its reminded me never to try chocolate soda, not that that is what you were talking about, but you know.

I am listening to Definitely Maybe right now, hmm...and my friday started off odd...the blogs seem to be in sync these days.

whitenoise said...

oh, is today a holiday? Normal people get those off, right? (sigh)

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

evelyne - me too. in fact, i was a little disappointed by the fact that it didn't taste disgusting.

the whole concept of good friday is bizarre. i think next year, i may throw a party in honour of those hosts on tv.

barbara - haha, yep that's me. a big tease. ;) i don't have any jamc on my player. i guess their year has not come up yet.

hope your jesus death day is going well.

mel - i bought some chocolate easter stuff when i went to bellingham on monday. i was supposed to save it until sunday but i opened one bag already.

allison - you are most welcome. and do not try chocolate soda. although i found something on the 'net that might be cool. i am trying to figure out where i can buy it.

ps.. i am feeling rather feverish right now.

whitenoise - ah, poor thing. i feel for you. i am a firm believer in more holidays for everyone.

Toccata said...

You are one brave girl. Hope you had yourself a good road trip. Sometimes I do miss having a car.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

toccata - thanks. i did have a good time.