Friday, April 13, 2007

music makes the people come together...

happy friday the thirteenth!

and to celebrate, it's the all live friday random top ten. this really hurt my brain as i've seen a lot of bands and i don't always remember i've seen them. sad i know.

1. deanna - nick cave & the bad seeds (i've actually seen them in three different countries. england at the reading festival, vancouver at the evil lollapalooza festival. i was so sick and miserable the entire time i was there. and then some moron throws a shoe at nick cave and he walks off, never to return to vancouver since. and seattle at least three times. )

2. sweater girl (first demo) – modernettes - (richards on richards, december last year. billed as the modernettes, but really only buck cherry. i almost took them off because of it, but i think i've seen them before that as well.)

3. under the bridge – red hot chili peppers (commodore ballroom. odd night. i saw crowded house at the orpheum the same night)

4. stereotypes – blur (reading festival, england)

5. wank – maow (gastown music hall, mint records showcase for music west. let me tell you, mint records puts on the best industry schmooze. )

6. sisters of mercy – serena ryder (media club)

7. uncertain smile (original version) – the the (commodore ballroom. i nearly got the crap beat out of me by some six foot four guy, who butt in front of me (who is so not six foot four) and then proceeded to yell and threaten me because i kept trying to get my place back so i could see something. in between threatening me, he attempted to pick up the guy i was with)

8. on the verge – le tigre (commodore ballroom.)

9. music – madonna (toronto. whatever the big concert place is there. i remember buying a poster for my friend 'e' and having to cart it back to vancouver.)

10. come home - james (reading festival, england)


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Great idea for a playlist! I've made cds with only musicians I've seen but never thought to bring it to the internetz.

You've got me totally beat on the ending with a James song though, as I have never seen them live, but I understand they were something to see.

whitenoise said...

Wow, I'm envious. I think my last concert was Tears For Fears in 1990. When you get old and have kids you have to turn in your Cool Kids membership card.

I know I've got a Sisters of Mercy album somewhere, but- weirdest thing- been so long, I can't even remember what was on it...

Would have loved to see Crowded House or James. I remember "Sit Down", but what was the name of the tune about the girl being on top... ;-)

justacoolcat said...

My Fridays lately have been absent or absolutely nutso. I can't wait until I have a little bit of extra time on a Friday to play the playlist games. I'm in the same boat too; I've seen so many shows that I probably couldn't list them if I tried and often need something to trigger a memory that yes I did see Ace and Y&T twice that summer or Smashing Pumpkins at First Ave right when Gish was released.

Don't you just love live music?

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

barbara - steal it! steal it!

i love the reading festival but it's a lot to take in over the three days. it's one of the places where my mind starts to forget what i've seen. like james.

whitenoise - ha. i'm still a cool kid. oh wait, i just fell off my chair laughing.

jacc - y & t? the old metal group?

i would love to see a show at first ave. i've been researching into that scene for a piece i'm writing.

live music rocks.