Friday, April 20, 2007

remain calm, do not panic ...

ok, i was supposed to hear back about the job today. i heard nada. i resigned myself to the fact that i did not get it.

however, i got an email around dinner time saying that they hadn't forgotten me and they haven't made a decision yet and i will hear something next week. plus one of my references emailed me and said they contacted her.

ok, i know. i need to relax. but it's so hard.

moving on, it's friday and it's random top ten time. and i find number one quite appropriate today.

1. you are not your job - gas huffer
2. fashion bleeds - archers of loaf
3. angelene - pj harvey
4. you know you're right - nirvana
5. 3 small words - josie and the pussycats
6. dig me out - sleater-kinney
7. get ready for love - nick cave & the bad seeds
8. main title (xena: warrior princess) - joseph loduca
9. garlands - cocteau twins
10. highlights - backyard babies

have a good weekend everyone!


Barbara Bruederlin said...

You are being very seriously considered if they are contacting your references. And if they contacted you, they do NOT want you to lose interest. But they are going to make you sweat all weekend? Argh!

Sweet list, but, um, Josie and the Pussycats?

Allison said...

I agree with Barb, you're being seriously considered with the contacting of the references. Good luck, and hope you can manage a good weekend trying not to think about it and such.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

thanks gals! i feel a little better. and i'm trying not to dwell on it too much this weekend.

barbara - yah, i know. i know. it's not even the original pussycats but from the bad movie they made a couple of years ago. shows you where my head is at when i didn't even put some kind of excuse beside it!

mellowlee said...

It sure does sound promising! I will keep my fingers crossed for you!

Toccata said...

Oh, 668 I so hope you get it. It does sound promising. Fingers crossed here too.

Dale said...

Get Ready For Love! That's an omen too. Good luck.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

mel - thanks, i will keep you posted.

toccata! hey, nice to see you back!

dale - they will love me?! i sure hope so!