Friday, April 27, 2007

feeling hot hot hot ...

in celebration of random friday, here is a posting full of random things.

either my allergies are killin' me, or i have a cold. i haven't quite figured it out yet.

i saw this on the daily show a couple of nights ago. presidents should not be allowed to boogie.

here is an interview from 'the hour' with my new crush, sam raimi. even if he is married with five kids . his wife is the daughter of lorne greene. which i find interesting as i am currently making my way thru battlestar galatica (the original). starring lorne greene and one of my childhood crushes, dirk benedict. sigh.

after i accepted my new job, i got an email for another job interview that pays a lot of money. a lot. i'm tempted to go and just see what's up. should i?

also, remember this job? the one where i had to do a personality test? they finally called me and offered it to me. my ego loved it, as the woman seemed quite disappointed when i had to turn it down.

here is my random top ten. it's totally random today.

  1. live wire - mötley crüe
  2. van lear rose – loretta lynn
  3. block rockin' beats – the chemical brothers
  4. ashes to ashes – steve earle
  5. mis-shapes – pulp
  6. the ring – sarah harmer
  7. under the bridge - red hot chili peppers
  8. easy goin sunday – the knitters
  9. tra la la song [banana splits theme] – hanna-barbera (yay! bananas!)
  10. gatekeeper – feist
ps... barbara - i haven't forgotten about the questions. i will try and post my answers this weekend.

have a great weekend everyone!


Barbara Bruederlin said...

hahaha it's kinda funny because I actually HAD forgotten about the questions. I have never been accused of having a good memory.

Isn't it weird how all these job offers are flowing in now? You must feel like a big swinging dick!

The Ring is my favourite Sarah Harmer song.

Toccata said...

It's raining jobs!

Sometime you will have to put out a list dedicated to bananas.

Did Goober like his new toy?

Allison said...

great news all around! more decisions. i'm sure you'll make the right one.

sam was adorable, i'm so glad i turned on the tv to the hour by chance. 5 kids, wow.

hope your allergies/cold clear up soon!

Dale said...

Excellent randomness with the music, not so random with the job offers I think, your brilliance is being recognized. Unless these are offers to do things like empty litter boxes part time.

Chick said...

I think I have malaria now.

Yes, you should check out that other job, why not?

Love your very random list...especially Sarah Harmer.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

barbara - i'm the man! haha.

toccata - i'm working on it. :)

he slept with it the first night.

allison - 5 kids is a little scary.

dale - i'm brilliant! haha.

chick - having a problem with skeeters are we?

i was going to check it out, but i woke up this morning and decided to blow off the interview.

everybody's digggin' sarah harmer.