Monday, October 02, 2006

she watch channel zero...

so i have been in bed ill for the past few days. although being ill sucks, it hasn't been too bad. sometimes when you are sick, you can't do anything other than lie in bed and feel crappy. although i have slept tons, i have also been able to read a little and catch up on some dvd's. i even managed to catch a couple of new tv series.

ugly betty - i like america ferrera, even tho' all i think i have seen her in is 'lords of dogtown'. the show was nothing like i expected. i thought it was going to be a an out and out comedy but it's more of a drama with bouts of black humour. i had no idea until i googgled it (well, technically i wikipediaed it) after i watched it that it was based on a latin soap opera. salma hayek produced it and she does a cameo as a player on the latin soap opera that the family watched. i think the transformation of america ferrera into ugly betty is done well. most times, when a hollywood actress is playing dowdy, it is totally unbelievable.. ie.. she takes off her glasses and she's gorgeous! what a shock! but betty is well, believable unattractive. especially as america is quite the lovely lady. i enjoyed the first episode and i think the show has promise. the one thing i didn't like was that the show was an hour long. it seems like any show that i am interested in these days in a hour long. i have trouble sitting thru a show that long. i will definately check out next week's episode.

studio 60 on the sunset strip - a friend of mine raved to me about this show. again, i thought this was a comedy, not a drama. this comes from not reading any reviews for the new tv season. i wasn't going to watch it, but then i saw an ad for the show where i found out the d.l. hughley was on it. i find him amusing so i thought i'd give it a try. i was very surprised to discover that it was an aaron sorkin show. i guess i really should read up on new tv shows...:) and just how many known players were on it. like steven weber. anyways i liked the show, but because i hadn't watched it from the beginning, i was kinda lost for most of the episode. i am not sure yet if i will add this to my regular viewing schedule. i'm starting to feel a little too tied to the tv lately.

one of the dvd's i watched was ' x- the unheard music'. when i got it, i thought it was actually a concert dvd, but it actually more of a pseudo-documentary. i don't think it's great, but i enjoyed it. it's funny, my gal pals all rave about how hot jon doe was and i've never seen it myself. until i watched this dvd. oh, okay. i get it. :) he has really intense eyes.

well, normally this is the time where i would review the strombo show. well, i wasn't able to catch the show. (damn! where are those podcasts?!) from what i've seen on his myspace page it looked like a good one. there is talk on first dates (i'd like to hear more about that), calgary - love it/hate it, going to the gym. and it seems like alex was on again as well. if anyone would like to share any memories of the show i'd be much obliged.

however, i can recap something else of mr. stroumboulopoulos. while lounging in bed sick on the weekend, flipping channels, i spy urban rush on (as it is here about ten times a day) and what do my eyes see. the friday round table discussion starring richard dean anderson, sook yin lee and mr. stroumboulopoulos. topics discussed included new york banning the use of trans fats in restaurants (he is for it), advertising in space (he wouldn't go to starbucks on his block, let alone in space), and celebrities/gossip. i can't really remember why celebrities were brought up, but the topic become about how unreliable information affects them and he said he really wasn't bothered by it, most of the untrue information about him came in print interviews rather than the internet and the only time it became a real problem was when you started dating someone and they ended up believing what was in print. or something like that. i did see the whole show but not all at once. i just kept catching more and more of it as urban rush kept repeating over and over. plus i was on medication. so i have this weird disjointed memory of the show.

he was also on later in the program with patrick from sony/bmg (who's looking younger than ever), dunner from cfox and a guy from the chopper place. they were there to promote the charity music therapy ride from richmond to whistler (for details see he was also promoting the season opener of the hour and mentioned that the new theme music would have west coast connections and the panel van would be back. and for my friend who always asks me, his hair was short and styled properly.

it's weird. i wrote down a couple of things from the show and very little of it makes sense. i wrote down 'use condoms'. i have no idea what i meant by that. is it from urban rush or is it just a personal reminder to myself? :)

anyways, for anyone who reads this for the strombo re-cap, it should be back next week. assuming that it is on during the holiday/day before the hour opener. for awhile, it looked like i'd be chowing down on turkey but we are having it in the afternoon. and it wasn't even my idea!


Allison said...

Hope you're feeling better soon.
I've started watching Studio 60. That, along with House are really the only shows I watch. Its great when a lot of well-knows are on the same show, provides great variety!

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

thanks very much. i am on the mend already. i think i'm at about 75%. hopefully i'll be good for the weekend as i have to have dinner at some fancy place saturday nite.

my friend keeps raving about house but i've been deliberately avoiding it. my tv viewing has been going down and down over the past few years and i've been reluctant to add any more shows into my schedule.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I've been hearing good things about Ugly Betty, but like you, don't watch a lot of tv and don't want to add too many more shows.

Evelyne said...

You wanted to know what happened on the Strombo show last Sunday, the big lines were that George is going to the gym and likes it, and he's cooking healthier food (well he usually eats fast food, it's what he said), he talked about the music therapy ride in Vancouver, that he talks during movies (Bob and Alex don't really like it), and if he can't talk to his friends, he's going to be textmessaging or he will talk to strangers sitting next to him (listening to George is like listening the dvd with the Director's comments, it's what Bob or Alex said), and also, when he went to Vancouver for the music therapy ride, it was raining... a lot and he was listening to The Misfits on his iPod, and he also kinda zone out and went in front of the cops cars that were excorting them, and when he realized he did slow down... it's what i can remember.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

i think one of the bad/good things about dvd's is that if a show has any 1/2 way decent following, it will be released on dvd. which makes me less particular about catching a show. i just think, if i really want to see it, i'll just wait for the dvd to come out and i can watch it then. which is what's happened with house and arrested development for me.

barbara - as much as i enjoyed ugly betty, i wouldn't say omg you have to see it.

merci bien evelyne. and it only rained on the saturday. friday was gorgeous! of course, the ride was saturday...haha. i talk during tv and movies all the time, but usually not in theatres. mainly at home if they are bad, or i've seen them already.

that zoning out thing made me laugh because i got one of those quizzes today about how many dumb things have you done in your life and one of them was about zoning out. maybe i'll fill it out and post it later.