Tuesday, August 29, 2006

i feel pretty.. oh so pretty...

there is nothing like spending two hours with your gay hairstylist to make a gal feel pretty...:)

makes me forget all about the woman that tried to butt in front of me at starbucks. the clerk was cool tho. he saw what she had done and put her in her place. behind me. ha ha. so i gave him a big tip. he reminded me of the coffee guy on the old ellen show which i have been watching recently. it's funny watching her character re-act with her dates. i like ellen but i don't think she is a very good actress. at least on that show. or at that point in time. she just seems uncomfortable with any of the dating stuff. and i don't think that's just because she's gay. i don't have the same problem watching amanda bearse portray marcy on married with children. and although i have not seen her in action, my friends who have, say that there is not that problem with portia de rossi.

so, i get home from the beauty parlor (ha ha.. that phrase keeps crackin' me up), check my blog and i'm like holy crap! what up with all these hits? i had noticed i got a few more hits than usual the nite before, but i figured out that was because of the mention of kiefer sutherland. and there was a few people out blog surfing. but i was sure that it wasn't because of that. once i started looking in on it, i found out that i made cbc's the hour blog tracker. at first, all i felt was panic. did i say anything insanely goofy? made any horrendous spelling mistakes? misquote or misrepresent or misinform? after i read my blog entry again, i calmed down a little. and then it was like.. hey, cool. and then i wanted to share it with someone and i couldn't figure out who. so i took the dog out for a walk instead.

i forgot to mention the other point i liked about the strombo show this week. mr. stroumboulopoulos mentioned my favourite part of the whole mel gibson insanity that nobody ever talks about. except me to my friends. he said to a female cop "what do you think you're looking at, sugar tits?" . i guess it's no big deal to insult female authority. whatever.

today's mood is good. i have great hair, a blog mention on cbc's website and i get to go to calgary this weekend for the tattoo festival. i just have to figure out what to pack. i've been cleaning out my closet and have realized with some horror and amusement that somewhere somehow i became a girlie girl. where did all these clothes come from? who do these shoes belong to? and what is with all this makeup?


Barbara said...

What is a tattoo festival? I noticed right away you made the blog tracker and what's wrong with makeup?

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

i guess the best description i can give of a tattoo festival is it is a celebration of all things tattoos. this one is huge, three days. and besides the tattoo artists, there are bands, a car show, a burlesque night, and a ton of vendors selling cool stuff.

haha.. there is nothing wrong with makeup but i used to be such a non makeup kinda of a gal and changed somewhere along the line. i think i am addicted to m.a.c. products...:)

The Stroumboulopouli said...

668 I linked your radio rundown on the stroumboulopouli blog post... is that ok? I can remove if you want.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

hey, i answered on your blog but yah, that's totally cool.