Monday, March 19, 2007

rub a dub dub, three men in a tub...

here is the weekly strombo show recap.

this week it's live with mr. stroumboulopoulos and alex. still no bob. apparently he’s off on “assignment”.

now, at this point, the rest of the evening is spent losing the feed continually. so i only have random bits. so, if it seems like nothing really flows, that’s why. feel free to share anything i’ve missed.

alex went to canadian tire to buy a drill. mr. stroumboulopoulos seems overly fascinated by the drill information. what kind? cordless or non cordless? what will you be drilling? alex went for cordless, and it is just if he needs holes. screwing takes a lot out of him and he thought why not take advantage of the drill. mr. stroumboulopoulos had more to say about drilling but i lost the feed.

alex gives a big thumbs down to the two sctv opening theme music for the news for alex. he sings a version that he likes better.

at this point, there is weird echoing background noise on my feed. the only way i can describe it is it sounds like demonic frogs.

alex asks if this segment is working? are we ready to give it up? mr. stroumboulopoulos is not . mr. stroumboulopoulos mentions google and privacy. alex comes back with dude, you make it sound so boring. i don’t think it’s worth my time listening to you tell me the story. maybe it’s you, maybe it’s the story.

alex says something about finishing what you started. mr. stroumboulopoulos says dude, you don’t even let me finish one story.

waiting room’ – fugazi

mr. stroumboulopoulos goes off on the crtc.

alex agains asks if they want to kill the news bit. mr. stroumboulopoulos says no, it’s working for me. alex says you said i could choose the stories.

terri schiavo is brought up. alex then asks, how is it dying with dignity if you are on cnn 24 hours a day? (bravo alex) mr. stroumboulopoulos says this is the smartest thing alex has said all week.

alex wants to know what gi joe’s are fighting for. (i used my brother’s to fight for barbie.)

the feed comes back up as alex is saying “i didn’t really see you as a bath person.” mr. stroumboulopoulos says oh yah. i have a big four person bathtub ( i am so freakin’ jealous!) or so it says. i just don’t have the time. i live in downtown toronto and my water pressure isn’t good. it takes 45 minutes to fill up. alex says i don’t see you as a bath or shower person. maybe a washcloth at the sink. mr. stroumboulopoulos says what, like a hooker at harvey’s?

mr. stroumboulopoulos is talking about being out on st. patrick’s day. people kept coming up to him and he ended up having five or so pints of non –alcoholic beer at the table as people kept spilling their alcoholic beer into his non-alcoholic beer. (although this term non-alcoholic beer bothers me. unless i am mistaken, the correct term should be low alcohol beer. as there is still alcohol in it.)

mr. stroumboulopoulos begins a story by saying someone said the funniest thing to him ever on the weekend. some guy came up to him and said are you george stroumboulopoulos? the guy paused in disbelief. you eat pizza? alex is wondering, are you trying to get some feedback from me? it was fine, you talking and stuff but i didn’t really like what was coming out of your mouth. he doesn’t want to use the word boring, although he says it was. and then he chooses anti-climatic.

cindy, the woman who claims she has no accent calls in. she has called into to say she has not been kind (true). and has called to apologize. and then she does say she has an accent, and that she is from trinidad originally.

alex asks if he can do a shout out to claire. and then says all low, yo.

the simple life is brought up. mr. stroumboulopoulos watched part of it and thought, these girls are idiots. he knows they are playing a part and he feels that paris hilton is not that dumb. he has worked on enough reality shows to know that they are all b.s.

donnie comes on and they discuss the death of captain america. alex asks what superpower they would choose? donnie would be like the flash and be able to run real fast. mr. stroumboulopoulos would be like aquaman and breath underwater. hayley figures she must be invisible as alex ignored her. alex says it’s a stupid question. (even tho it is his question)

things they like. alex brings up free run eggs and how expensive they are. mr. stroumboulopoulos says quality costs. alex thinks it’s because they are rare. he thinks this is because in captivity, roosters don’t have to work that hard for sex. while free range roosters do, as the chickens are walking around, getting on with their lives. he thinks it is a good idea for chickens to go wild. mr. stroumboulopoulos agrees.

mr. stroumboulopoulos likes the shark documentary "sharkwater". alex hates the guy’s voice (i am inclined to agree on the little clip i heard). mr. stroumboulopoulos learned a lot from the film. there is a heated discussion when alex claims he didn’t.

alex doesn’t like the fact that mr. stroumboulopoulos has two ps3’s and alex has none. mr. stroumboulopoulos said that he paid for one. when alex questions what he is going to do with two, he says one upstairs for the bedroom, and the other downstairs. alex brings up being showered with gifts re: engagement. mr. stroumboulopoulos brings up that he has given alex a gift before, and he didn’t like it.

the end.


Toccata said...

I kept losing the feed as well and ended up ditching out for the night. Other than the annoying feed problem did you enjoy the radio show? I usually get a sense of how you felt about the different segments when I read your posts but I didn't this time.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

the continual loss of feed really hindered my enjoyment of the show this week. because everytime i almost got into something, i'd lose the feed. by the time it came back, they would be onto the next story and i'd have no idea what they were talking about.

i will say this. they need bob back.