Tuesday, March 27, 2007

oh no stay and irritate me...

i was driving to my job interview yesterday, and i was thinking about the abc list. and i thought one of the questions was pet peeves. so i had a few in my mind, but then when i got home, i filled out the list and found out there was no listing for pet peeves. so i have decided to list a few of my current pet peeves, based on the past day or so. and really, i just wanted to bitch about #3.

1. women's clothing. specifically the fact that all my job interview clothes have no freakin' pockets. this drives me insane. where do i put my keys? especially since i normally have to stop somewhere on the way. my keys go into my bag and rattle around, driving me further to the edge of insanity. or else, they fall into the black hole that all my bags contain and i have to spend five minutes trying to find them.

2. a certain office supplier that does not take cash for photocopies. i either have to buy a photocopy card for a designated amount of photocopies which is way more than i need. or else i have to put it on a credit card. i do not wish to put 7 cents on my card. although i am tempted just because i know it costs you guys money.

3. personality assessment tests. although at the interview, the hr person was quite adamant that these are not tests. and it states quite clearly on the form, that this is not a test and there is no right or wrong answer. umm, do you judge me on this? do my answers determine whether or not i get the job? since i would hope the answer is yes (or else i am wasting my time doing it), then there are right and wrong answers and it is a test. i took one a couple of months ago that was over an hour long. by the end of it, i had no idea who i was anymore.

4. bark mulch. there is bark mulch in the dog park i go to. it is possible i am allergic to it. it is more probable that it just irritates me. it seems to be getting in my clothing (well, to be more accurate, underneath my clothing) and i'm getting all these slivers as well.

5. my internet connection. and the fact that it wouldn't stay connected for more than five minutes today until tonight. i had stuff to do! (see point #3). plus i was trying to chat with my friend 'm' who drives me insane by not having the internet at home. this would not bug me as much if she lived in the same freakin' city as me. since she does not, and i am on a no-budget lifestyle, i can only reach her for one hour a day, monday to friday.

however, i am feeling less grey this week. the weather's been good and i got a job lead on something i can do from home. fingers crossed!


Barbara said...

My fingers are crossed for you...

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...


Barbara Bruederlin said...

A job working from home! YES! That is my dream, but I'll let you take it haha. I hope that works out.

I would have assumed that ABC lists without pet peeves would have been one of your pet peeves.

Allison said...

Ah, working from home would be subllime. I wish you luck.

I feel the same way with personality assessment tests. And standerized tests in general.

I suggest one of those keychain, purse clips, you can hook inside your bag to you will be able to find your keys quickly.

Evelyne said...

Hope the test went well!

I agree with your comment about women's clothing... no pockets, why? I found a solution for my keys, it seems that there is a weird vacuum that swallows things up into my backpack, an lanyard key chain (is it the right word, it is what google image seems to say, you know what teenagers/kids have for their keys?)

mellowlee said...

*fingers crossed* well, the none broken ones anyways ;) I'm glad you are feeling less grey this week. It was so gorgeous today. I hope we get good weather this weekend.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

i think i have the job at home, but so far, i have no work. but i don't think i am supposed to get anything until next week.

barbara b - that pet peeve comment made me laugh!

allison/evelyne - i will re-examine some kind of clip. i've been resisting it. i have my dad's old keychain and i'm reluctant to change it. but i think i could easily work a hook into it.

mel - yes, don't cross the broken finger! it's kinda grey today but i spent time outside this week so i am feeling ok with out.