Friday, March 23, 2007

rainy day people always seem to know when you're feeling blue...

it's back to being ark weather here again. the dog is whiny as all hell, because he wants to go out and play. however, he won't go out in the rain.

the mood for the past few days is grey. well, i'm not sure that's a mood, but that's how i feel. my head hurts. i know it's stress. my motivation level is less than zero. i'm fighting with someone. it's not helping my head. which makes me feel less motivated. maybe it's not a good idea to have flannel sheets when one is feeling grey. it makes it even harder to crawl out of bed. and i'm not sure berlin cabaret music was the best choice to make musically today. at least it wasn't 'how soon is now' or 'love will tear us apart'. or god forbid, 'i see a darkness'. i'd still be in bed.

however, things are looking up. i finally heard back about the job. second interview next week. flights to toronto are still cheap. 'the hour' is sold out but i am hoping to figure something out about that. plus i really like my friday random top ten this week.

1. it's a hit – rilo kiley
2. electrik heat - the seekwill – k-os
3. monkey gone to heaven – pixies
4. london calling – the clash
5. vertigo - the libertines
6. safe from harm - massive attack
7. the avalanche – sufjan stevens
8. holiday in cambodia – dead kennedys
9. can't change me – chris cornell
10. feel alright – steve earle

this week i've only seen 3 artists (or 3 1/2 i guess) in concert.

have a good weekend everyone.


mellowlee said...

Hey Buddy! I hope you feel better soon *HUGZ* Have a good weekend. Maybe we can do a reverse rain dance to your Friday Random Ten list? Take care!

Allison said...

Hey, hope you're feeling better soon, this gray feeling seems to have hit most this week.

I'm happy you've heard back from the job though. Woot :)

whitenoise said...

here, this'll pep you up:
little yellow pill

Toccata said...

This weather is enough to make anyone feel gray and lethargic.

Good news about the second interview though! I am so hoping you get it.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

That is one fine playlist!

Right on with the second interview! I smell a job offer. And then this monkey will have gone to heaven.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

mel - thanks, i feel a little better today. of course, i lay on the couch most of the day, watching battlestar galatica. and the sun came out tonight! did you do the rain dance? :)

allison - i know, i gotten that feeling from a lot of blogs this week. spring break blues?

whitenoise - i enjoyed that!

toccata - usually weather doesn't really get to me. especially when i don't have to be anywhere.

barbara - it was pretty fine wasn't it? :)

Evelyne said...

Grey weather, i don't like it... hope you'll have a lot more sunny days in the next few days!

Second interview, it sounds good to me!

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

evelyne - it was nice to wake up this morning to sunshine.